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Community Announcements / Award Nominations May 2017
« on: May 15, 2017, 12:04:01 am »
The May 2017 Promotions & Awards Ceremony is less than a week away, in fact, in a weeks time the P&A Ceremony will have been over for an hour already!

Who will be getting awards?  Well, that's partly for you to decide.  If there are any awards you'd like to nominate a member for, please PM me, I ask that no nominations are posted below as we like to keep them a surprise, it's also nicer if for some reason we can't award that person an award they have been nominated for.

Awards members can be nominated for:

Community Mentor - Support new members, etc
Pillar of the Community - Very active, involved with most events, kind, and helpful

Good SRP - good SRP
Command Award - awarded to CO's
Tactical Award
Science Award
Engineering Award
The Plot Jacker - Plot Jacks The Most/Best
Most Realistic - Being the most realistic

Dead Eye - Most accurate
Spray & Pray - Least accurate
Sniper - For the most head shots in an event

Sandbox & MMO do not yet officially have any awards associated with them, and simulations are based on the upcoming VA system, but if you think of something, please do PM me with it anyway, you never know, you may just invent a new EE award!

Conference Lounge / Staff Meeting June 2017
« on: May 14, 2017, 03:19:12 pm »
It's almost time once again for our bi-yearly staff meeting.

All EE staff are required to attend as usual, this meeting should last no longer than 1 hour 30 minutes, however, depending on what everyone has to say etc, it may go on longer.

This topic will be used to vote on a date and time for the meeting, doing it via a thread is a lot cleaner than via the voting system on the MMS.

Staff who do not participate in the time/date voting I will presume are happy with any time, once I confirm the time on the 28th May, it will no longer be able to be changed, contacting me and stating the time doesn't work for you will be grounds for staff warnings and/or dismissal, IF you did not participate in this voting.

If after this voting period is over and you are unable to make the confirmed date/time, you will need to contact ME directly stating you cannot attend and who your vote will be handed to, if able, please hand votes up the chain of command, not down.

Staff Required To Attend
Earth's Elite CEO - C. Jackson
Earth's Elite COO - S. Archer
Community Manager - Shoot
TS3 Manager - Canio
FPS Director - Tuvok
MMO Sub-Director - Bofum

Staff NOT Required To Attend
MMO Director - Khta (LOA)

If any members have anything they want the staff to discuss, please submit these topics either here or to me directly.

I will start the time/date voting - June 3rd @ 4PM.

Star Trek: Echoes / Day/Time Discussion
« on: May 10, 2017, 07:21:37 pm »
As it looks like this SRP might return as an active SRP here at EE, what are the best days and times everyone can do each week for this?

This wont be starting up until next month, earliest.  I will need time to refresh myself with it's story arc and first few episode plans.

Events / To The Stars! Season Four
« on: May 03, 2017, 11:29:24 pm »
Season four of To The Stars! will be kicking off this Sunday.

It was due to be on Savage Lands, but due to the major update still not having been released, we have switched what game this will be on, instead, we'll be returing to familiar territory, Minecraft.

We will be using the same version and mods of Minecraft as season three, but this time around it will be a race, we will be racing each other to see who can get to To The Stars first.

You can play solo, or as a team, you decide.  The winner(s) will be the one(s) who reach the asteroid belt, FIRST.

If you wish to play as a team, please come as a team this Sunday or inform me who your team mates will be.

NOTE: Whilst this is a head to head race and PVP is permitted, standard Minecraft rules apply, however, stealing from others chests are not allowed, do not RDM etc.  It is your choice if you join everyone else in the event channel or would prefer to be alone (or only with your team mates) during the event.  If you would like a private channel for during this event, please let me know (preferably before the event) and I will ensure you have a private channel each week, alternatively, you can use your own member channels.

Star Trek: Echoes / An Announcement
« on: May 03, 2017, 02:46:09 pm »
It's been over a year since this SRP was cancelled, I'm thinking of attempting the SRP again, same story arc.  It will be following on from the last episode of The Prequel.

The purpose of this thread is to see if there is enough interest in the Echoes SRP.  This SRP follows the Earth's Elite story arc, the story of Echo Fleet.

I will run this poll for 7 days, please vote whether you think this SRP should be run again, also, post below with whether you'd like to keep your character (if you've already applied), and the times/days that would work best for you on a weekly basis.

If this SRP is started back up, I expect the first episode to air in 3-4 weeks.

Season One | Episode Nine | It Can Get Worse

Episode Director: C. Jackson

Required Maps: RPG_CRASHSITE (Will be provided on the night if needed)

Ariana finds herself going from bad to worse.  Savage was forced to activate an emergency transition, heavily damaged, Ariana transitioned, barely holding together as she did.
Upon exit from the transition, Ariana and the crew find themselves in the distant future, is this really what the future holds for galaxy, or is an external force to blame?

If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,855.0.html

As of this time, all reserved positions are no longer reserved, you can apply for any positions listed on the manifest, apart from Second Officer.

All Earth's Elite members, past and present are receiving this email.

A few hours ago I was made aware of a potential data breach at Earth's Elite.  The Earth's Elite Staff have inspected the site and databases, we have found no indication that anything was tampered with or stolen.

As a precaution, we are at this time asking all members to change their passwords, if you use the same password here on EE that you do for anything else connected with the email account you have registered here, we recommend changing those passwords too.

We take data security extremely seriously, if we do find evidence that anything has been stolen (which we haven't yet), the appropriate authorities will be informed, I will also inform you all.

We have also upgraded our user account security, we now offer Two Factor Authentication, you can enable this from within your Profile>Account Settings if you wish to do so.  All EE Staff will find themselves redirected to set this up, before they can use any part of EE, for staff only, it is required that 2FA be used.

This is just a precaution, but we felt it's better to be safe than sorry.  If anyone has noticed anything, they should contact us immediately on

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me directly on, or any other member of the Senior Staff.

C. Jackson
Chief Executive Officer
Lead Technical
Earth's Elite

On Behalf of Earth's Elite Senior Staff.

Season 1 Reviews / Episode Seven | Acceptable Loss | Review
« on: April 18, 2017, 10:36:36 pm »
Episode seven found the Ariana and crew trapped in the year 2269.  Unsure why they had dropped in a forbidden era.

Ariana activated the 403 lockdown, Savage quickly overrode this and phase cloaked the ship, after explaining the 403 protocol along with activating grey mode, Savage conducted a scan of the immediate area, he found a device, upon scanning the device it caused time to reset, they dropped again, the events repeated, until they began to remember snippets and then all of their previous loops.

They were trapped in a time lock, a device built by an alien race, that had to be preserved to preserve the timeline, but Ariana had to escape.

After leading an away team, Savage orders two crew members to activate the escape protocol, thus condeming them to time itself.  With a promise of returning, one that at present he could not fulfill, Ariana escaped, missing two members of her crew.

Episode five was a continuation of episode four.

The Ariana had suffered a breakdown of her temporal drive, resulting in them being trapped in 1912, with a temporal distortion wave heading towards them fast, they had to be out of that time before the temporal distortion wave hit.

Using the knowledge held within the now un-encrypted file, Savage led an away team to an abandon base, there they found and salavaged parts to repair TIA.

The reparis to the temporal drive required someone to go inside the core, an act that would kill any living being within minutes, but now with TIA back online, the TIA AI Hologram could enter the core and conduct the repairs without jeopodising a crew member.

With the temporal drive repaired and TIA in manual mode, Savage seized the opportunity to covertly try and send the Ariana back to their time, but did it work?

Season One | Episode Seven | Acceptable Loss

Episode Director: C. Jackson

Required Maps: COLONY85

Ariana finds herself pulled out from temporal transition in the year 2269, not where they should be.  Due to the sudden stop in transition, the temporal drive enters a cooldown period, not only are the crew of the Ariana locked out of the temporal drive still, but now TIA is too.  They have 2 hours to investigate why they dropped so suddenly, what they discover is alarming and seemingly leaves Savage with no alternatives.  The ship must jump after the 2 hour cooldown, TIA demands this and the crew cannot overrule TIA.  What did Savage learn about TIA and Ariana, is there really only one way this mission can end?

If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,855.0.html

As of this time, all reserved positions are no longer reserved, you can apply for any positions listed on the manifest, apart from Second Officer.

Star Trek: Temporal Leap / A Directors Note
« on: April 15, 2017, 09:37:13 pm »
Today I was reflecting on how I've been directing my episodes of Temporal Leap.  Whilst I don't think my episodes have been trerrible, I do feel they haven't been as good as they could be and this got me to thinking why this might be.

When I first started with RPG-X, I didn't join an already established RPG-X group, instead I saw it's potential for RP's and tried something out.  This something was a random gaming night for a creative writing SIMM I run with SSRF, back then it was known as UFPDF.  This random gaming night featured a role-play on RPG-X.  My first RP was a director of an RP, I played the role of director the same way I always did for creative writing, I create a story with a beginning, middle, and an end, I then direct the story the make sure it stays on track, however, I have no control over the characters that are within the story, they are their own entities, they think for themselves.  The people playing those characters get to decide what they say, what they see, what they do, etc etc, not the director of the story, not unless it is absolutely necassary for the story to progress.  So this is how I directed my first RP.

I continued directing RP's and SRP's in this manner right up until Temporal Leap, where, for some reason, I decided to change my directing style.  I haven't liked an episode that I've directed yet, though I haven't disliked them either.  I chose to direct in a similar way to how Scott does, I managed the story more, I tried to direct each character as best I could, I feel this hasn't worked, for me at least.

Now, I'm not saying there's a correct way and a wrong way to direct an RP, but for me, there is only one way.  That way is in the style I used to direct RP's.

Starting with Monday's episode of Temporal Leap, all episodes I direct will be directed in the way I used to.  I feel this gives you more freedom to play your character, as you get to decide on nearly everything your character does, this also keeps me on my toes as I have to try to steer the story with only my character.

Those of you who partake in creative writing will likely already be familar with this style of story direction, but those who haven't, you will find it very different to start with, you'll have little to no direction from me about what to do, your character is your character and you are telling a story along with everyone else, you can have your own mini story within the main one, so long as you don't take the focus away from the main story or plotjack (we'll come onto this more later), then pretty much anything goes.

Some common sense is needed with this style (arguably with all styles of directing), if I need you to do something for the stories sake, I will tell you either before the RP, or when you need to know, if I haven't told you, then it's for you to decide.  Example, Savage was in his ready room talking to Dulmur about their imminent arrival to Earth, we then come onto the Bridge and ask how long until Earth.  Your response shouldn't be "6 weeks 5 days 7 hours Sir", but more along the lines of "2 1/2 hours Sir".

I will drop hints as to what I need for the story to progress, but will leave the finer details up to you, this lets YOU tell the story, not just me, you get to decide what happens and how it happens, for the most part.

You might be thinking that with this style plotjacking isn't possible, it is.  This is where it gets harder, more is permitted, but there is a fine line between you telling your part of the story and straight up plotjacking.  If the mission synopsis I posted states we come across a fleet of 50 Galaxy Class starships, then I ask you whats on sensors and you report the Borg, that is plot jacking.

I wont be too harsh the first few times as everyone settles back into the way I direct RP's.

I reserve the right to void anything said by anyone if it will take the story too far off course that I can't recover it.

I feel this will give you all more freedom to play your characters and actually role-play, than the way I was previously trying to direct RP's.

If you are used to the way Scott directs RP's and haven't been part of a creative writing community or any of my RP's before, then you will need to know that it is, mostly, up to you to get your character involved.  My job as a director is to direct the story that is being told and TRY to include every character, but if I can't, then it is up to you, I promise, unless it would outright steer the story way off course, any attempt made by you to get your character involved will not be voided and is welcomed.

Again, I'm not saying my way is better and I'm not saying Scott's way is better, they both have upsides and both have downsides, but for me as a director, the way I've always directed and the way I prefer is the only way I feel I can continue directing my half of the Temporal Leap SRP.

I hope to see you all there for episode 7 on Monday.  I'll release details about the episode tomorrow, there will likely be a required map.

Season One | Episode Five | A Titanic Adventure (Continued)

Episode Director: C. Jackson

REMINDER: This episode airs on the 7th April 2017 @ 7PM.  This is the 24 hour launch event, we will start without you if you are late as there is another divisions showcase event directly after at 8PM.

Having sunk the Titanic, Savage, Dulmur, & Okane are back aboard Ariana, the crew are no closer to finding a solution to their temporal core failure.

A countdown of sorts has begun, a temporal distortion is heading their way and Savage doesn't want to still be there, when it hits.  With TIA offline, the temporal core in emergency only mode, and with no specialist on board to help them fix the issue, who will go inside the running temporal core, something that will result in certain death, to repair the core?
  What did Savage learn from reading the encrypted file?

Our first leap is this coming Monday 7th March at 8PM Community Time.  If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,855.0.html

As of this time, all reserved positions are no longer reserved, you can apply for any positions listed on the manifest, apart from Second Officer.

Season 1 Reviews / Episode Four | A Titanic Adventure | Review
« on: April 07, 2017, 02:57:47 am »
Episode four saw the Ariana face a rather strange scenario.

They found themselves in 1912, but with no TIA or jump countdown.  They quickly learned that they had to infiltrate the crew of the Titanic, 3 of which, looking just like Captain Savage, Commander Dulmur, and Lt. Cmdr. Okane died...for no apparent reason.

Taking their place, their mission was simple, sink the Titanic.

They all knew the events that happened aboard Titanic that fateful night, yet, it didn't seem right, them being there was never documented, or was it?  Was what happened exactly what was meant to happen? how it happened before?

April 2017 / Donation Drive Prizes
« on: April 06, 2017, 12:27:27 am »
If anyone has any prizes they'd like to donate to EE for the upcoming donation drive, please let me know or post below.

Prizes will be randomly handed out to those who donate during the 24 hour event.

I do have a couple of things donated to EE already as prizes, and will post up details about them later on.

The prize draw will happen at the end of the 24 hour event, it will be done completely random.

Thank you to those who are thinking of donating money or prizes, it all helps keep Earth's Elite running.

Season One | Episode Four | A Titanic Adventure

Episode Director: C. Jackson

Required: titanic1 (available here:

After dealing with the Alumerak, the Ariana and crew find themselves with a bit of off time, Captain Savage uses this time to try and crack the level 10 code to the encrypted transmission he got, minor repairs were made to the Ariana and the bug with helm and long range sensors seems to be resolved.

The Ariana exits to April 10th 1912, upon drop TIA begins glitching, she leaves the crew with no answers as to why they are there.

Captain Savage has become obsessed with the encrypted file and orders the FO to take command of an away team and "figure this one out".

Our first leap is this coming Monday 7th March at 8PM Community Time.  If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,855.0.html

As of this time, all reserved positions are no longer reserved, you can apply for any positions listed on the manifest, apart from Second Officer.

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