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Welcome To Earth's Elite.  We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay.

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Welcome To The Earth's Elite JAG Department.

The Judge Advocate General's Department (or JAG) is charged with the enforcing of EE's Rules & Regulations.  Though this department isn't a department in the traditional sense, this area is still relevant for the running of this community.  This are serves as a place for Earth's Elite members and staff to review the Rules & Regulations and the Policies & Procedures of Earth's Elite.  Should you be witness to any rule breaking, please don't hesitate to report it to the Earth's Elite Staff via the MMS, this is 100% anonymous, unless you reveal to us your contact info.

Should a JAG trial be required (also known as an internal enquiry), then the senior staff should be contacted, as for these cases they act as a council.

With your help, we can keep Earth's Elite a safe and fun community for all.

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