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Welcome To Earth's Elite.  We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay.

Division Announcements

Star Trek: Majesty - Pilot/Teaser
A potential new SRP, pilot day/time suggestions being taken until Friday 4th @ 6PM

Star Trek: New Grounds
NEW Joint SRP With TLO.

Star Trek: Echoes - Hiatus
Echoes is being placed on mandatory hiatus, RP staff to decide fate.


Welcome To The Role-Play Division


Earth's Elite's Role-Play division, though still small, has a lot going on for you to get involved in.

At present, the only game that this division supports is RPG-X.


In RPG-X. we run every kind of event, whether you want to use our server for one off RPs or if you want to run something more substantial such as an m/SRP!

SRPs are roleplays that are made up of episodes and seasons and can continue for many years (just like real Trek!) Whereas mSRPs are made up of 3-5 episodes and can be used to tell shorter stories or as a precursor to an SRP (for instance if you have an idea you want to test!)

SRP's are normally arranged and setup by our more experienced RPers, but every member is welcome to pitch their ideas to us.  We welcome and encourage new and exisiting RPers to try their hand at directing their own RP, this can be rewarding in many ways, not only do you get to see your own Star Trek style mission come to life, but at the same time, you can learn a lot from directing RP's.  Don't be afraid to give it ago, if you need any help or if you have any questions regarding directing an RP or just participating, the RPG-X division staff are always there to help you out, don't be afraid to drop to us a PM or email and ask your questions, that's what we're here for.


Have an SRP (or mSRP) you want to run?  Great! I want to hear from you, drop us (Callum Jackson) a PM with:


SRP or mSRP:


Time Slot:


Subforum layout: 


We will approve the idea and suggest any changes before we give the idea to the membership to see if there is enough interest to run it!

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