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Welcome To Earth's Elite.  We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay.

==================================================================================================== ============================EARTH'S ELITE (ECHO FLEET) WEBSITE CHANGELOG============================ ====================================================================================================

1.0 - Initial Site Release

1.1 - First Major Update. Fixed Multiple bugs with rushed release

1.2 - Fixed remaining bugs, added new administration control panel

1.2.1 - Added new login system to the administration control panel - Added new mobile version of the site

2.0 - Updated Base Code - New User Friendly Theme Created - Site Theme Created For Both EE Created Site And Forums So As To Keep The Theme Uniform Throughout EE - Single-Sign-On Feature Implemented - MMS Concept Designed - Member Management System (MMS) Implemented To Help Staff - MMS Project Updated To Include Site Management, Bug Tracking, Error Tracking, Support Requests, Academy, Member Applications, Staff Applications, Staff Reports And Much More - New & Improved User Security - MMS Integrated With Main Site - Forum Features, Such As Announcement, Events, And Who's Online, Integrated With The Site. - Site Made To Be Responsive To Be Multi-Device Friendly - Earth's Elite Logo Updated - Member Alert System Created - Promotion Points Integrated With MMS & Ranks - Officer Roll Call Feature Created - Global Member Count Integrated

2.0.1 - Fixed Bug With Member Registrations Not Adding Members Name Into Database - Fixed Bug On Senior Staff Member Management Page Where Members Name Couldn't Be Edited - Fixed Bug On Senior Staff Roll Call Management Cycle View Where Roll Call ID Didn't Show On Initial Load And Next/Previous Buttons Didn't Actually Go To Next/Previous Roll Call On Initial Load

2.0.2 - Hotfix: Base 2.1 Mailing System And Queue Implemented To Combat Spam Bots; Anti-Spam Bot Protection Implemented

2.1 - Staff Integration - Promotion Points Integration - Looking To Play Feature - Custom EE Mail Queue - Ads Implemented Site Wide - No Ads For Donators (Auto) - EE Events Calendar - Forums Portal & EE Homepage Integrated - Theme Bug Fixes & Refinement - Security Improvements - General Bug Fixes

2.1.1 - Fixed Upcoming Calendar Bug - Fixed Meeting Management System Bugs: Voting, & Member Alerts.

2.1.2 - Automatic Membership Feature Added (New Forum Signups Will Be Added To MMS Automatically At 6PM Community Time Everyday) - Event Mail Content Updated - Ability To Unsubscribe From Event Mail Added - Ability To Unsubscribe From Global Member Alert E-Mail Notifications Added

2.1.3 - Seasonal Theme Created & Applied - Trick or Treat System Added For Halloween

2.1.4 - Fixed Events Mail. Member ID's of those who the system had already sent the mail to were being included in the next members email.

2.1.5 - Fixed Bug With EE Event Mail

2.1.6 - LaunchPad - Search Facility Implemented & Game Count Added

2.2 - Division Names Updated - 24 Hour Events Dashboard Created - LaunchPad Update - Earth's Elite Calendar Updated - Birthdays & Reminders - Earth's Elite Communications (EE COMMS) Created - Earth's Elite Communications Standalone Client Created - Senior Staff Shoutbox Retired - Shoutbox Retired - Staff Positions Integrated With MMS - Meeting Management System Upgraded - Seasonal Themes Implemented - Awards Integrated With The Earth's Elite Forums - Staff Action Logs Created - Bug Fixes

2.2.1 - Fixed Bug In Meeting Management System Preventing Users Entering A Date/Time When Voting - Updated Footer Version Reporting To Pull Latest Version Number From ChangeLog - Fixed Bug With The Earth's Elite Communications Not Updating Menu After Reading New Message From Channel

2.2.2 - Implemented The Ability For Users To Minimise The Earth's Elite Communications Channel Window - Fixed Bug With Earth's Elite Communications Not Playing The New Message Notification If Page Wasn't Visible

2.2.3 - Resolved Website Scaling Issue On Mobile Devices

2.2.4 - Fixed Bug With Push Notifications Showing HTML Code When User Posting Chat Message Uses A Custom Colour Or Formatting - Implemented Anchor Tags For The ChangeLog, Can Now Link Directly To The Line The Version Update Is On

2.2.5 - Users Member Group Username Colour Now Reflected In EE COMMS - Announcements Channel Added To EE COMMS - Ability To Disable E-Mail Notifications Within Specific EE COMMS Channels Implemented - Mobile EE COMMS Released & Prompt Added To COMMS When Viewing From Mobile - Push Notifications For Mobile Implemented From Mobile EE COMMS - Fixed E-Mail Notifications So They No Longer Show Escaped Apostrophes But Now Actually Show The Apostrophe

2.2.6 - Earth's Elite Event Calendar Bug With Birthdays Not Listing Correctly Fixed

2.2.7 - Moderation Tool For Global Channel Restricted To Senior Staff & Global Moderators Like Old Shoutbox Used To Be - New Moderation Tool Added, Ability To Edit Messages In Global Channel

2.2.8 - EE COMMS Usernames Now Link To Users Profile Like Old Shoutbox Did

2.2.9 - Corrected CSS Mistake Where The Moderator Edit Tool For The Global Channel In The EE COMMS Didn't Display Correctly On The Forums

2.2.10 - Added Ability For LaunchPad To List Hours Played Per Game

2.2.11 - Added Two Factor Authentication To Website & Forums - Added Event Published Date/Time To Earth's Elite's Calendar System

2.2.12 - HTTPS Image Proxy Implemented For Images On The Forums Posted Using The [IMG] Tag

2.2.13 - Fixed Bug With Task Queue & Automatic Minecraft Server Whitelisting

2.2.14 - Forum Software Upgraded To Version 2.0.14

2.2.15 - Who's Online Now Updates On All Pages, Not Just Forums - Membergroups Key List On All Pages - Keep Online Implemented With EE COMMS, Users Will Show As Online As Long As They Keep The EE Site Open - Keep Online Timeout Implemented And Set At 3 Hours

2.2.16 - Earth's Elite Randomiser Feature Implemented

2.2.17 - LaunchPad Update To 1.2.0. Removed Requirement To Open New Browser Window On Session End

2.2.18 - Fixed Bug With PM Recipient Drop Down Not Displaying Members

2.2.19 - Implemented Feature - Password Safe

2.2.20 - Fixed Bug With Password Safe Access Permissions

2.2.21 - Earth's Elite LaunchPad Updated To Version 3.0.0. This Release Includes A Standalone Background Process To Auto Launch Sessions Without Going Through The Client

2.2.22 - LaunchPad Updated To Version 3.0.2 - New Update Prompt Added, Games Master List Implemented

2.2.23 - LSPD Criminal Database Added For The Los Santos Life FiveM Server - Hotfix For Division News Implemented - Hotfix For LaunchPad To Increase Number Of Previously Played That Are Displayed - Looking To Play Removed - Fixed BBC Countdown Image In Forum Post Editor

2.2.24 - COMMS Groups & Private Chat's Not Opening Resolved & Normal Functionality Resumed

2.2.25 - Deprecated Feature Password Safe - Feature To Be Removed In Next Major Version Update - Deprecated Feature MMS - Feature To Be Replaced With Member Settings In Next Major Version Update

2.2.26 - Fixed Issue Where Member Birthday's Where Not Being Added To EE Events Calendar At Start Of New Year

2.2.27 - Hotfix: EE Live Page Bug Fixed As Side Effect Of Re-Implementing Feature On New Upcoming Iteration Of Website

2.2.28 - Replaced GameTracker Server Banners With EE v2.3 Server Banners

2.3 - In House EE Server Trackers Added - EE Live Now Promotes Live EE Partners Better - Team/Partner Page Now Auto Updates - Twitch API Integration - Stream Schedules Implemented & Integrated With Twitch API - EE Multi-View For Selected EE Partners Implemented - Automated Theme Switching For Seasonal Themes - Partner Dashboard Implemented - Info Articles Moved To Info Centre - Now With Categorisation - Looking To Play Removed - Member Password Safe Removed - Division Content Management System Removed - Adverts Removed - MMS Reports Removed - MMS Officer Roll Call Removed - MMS Ranks Removed - MMS Promotion Points Removed - MMS Officer Training Removed - Staff & Senior Staff Pages Merged - EECoin Implemented - JAG Policies Moved To Info Centre - Global/Member Alerts Dismissable From Anywhere

2.3.1 - Fixed Bug With Live Stream Duration Not Showing - ChangeLog Admin Controls Migrated To 2.3 - Info Centre Admin Controls Migrated To 2.3 - Welcome Messages Admin Controls Migrated To 2.3 - Staff Listings Admin Controls Migrated To 2.3

2.3.2 - HOTFIX: EE Logo Now Updates With Theme Change

2.3.3 - HOTFIX: Server Banners Stuck Not Updating Issue Resolved

2.3.4 - LAUNCHPAD UPDATE - LaunchPad Updated To 3.0.5 Fixed Compatibility With Windows 11 And Fixed Issue With SSL Warning On LaunchPad Update

==================================================================================================== ==================Lead Developer - Callum Jackson ( ============================EARTH'S ELITE (ECHO FLEET) WEBSITE CHANGELOG============================ ====================================================================================================

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