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Author Topic: Donator Perks  (Read 687 times)

{EE} Callum Jackson

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Donator Perks
« on: May 02, 2014, 09:56:43 pm »

Help Keeps Earth's Elite Advert Free, donate a little, keep your favourite community going and get yourself some nice perks at the same time.

Thinking of donating or just want to know what you get for donating?

No, well now you've started reading you might as well finish.

*To start with we will give you your own Donators Channel on our TeamSpeak Server.
*You'll receive an official EE Donators email address -
*No Ads For 1 Calendar Year Starting Date of Donation.

**We'll also give you a Donators pass to your favourite Earth's Elite servers.  This means even if the server is full, you'll still get on.

***You'll become an Earth's Elite Partner†


*£5.00 - £9.00
**£10.00 - £14.00

†Please note, this is similar to being a share holder. You will officially be listed on the site for one calendar year.  You can opt out of this program by donating anonymously.

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