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The Earth's Elite Spring 12 Hour Take Over Starts In... NOW!!! WATCH LIVE AT HTTPS://EARTHELITE.CO.UK/12H

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Callum603's last played for 2h5m13s

About Callum603

Callum603 is EE's CEO and a former daily streamer, he enjoys failing at every game he plays, so stop by and have a laugh....probably at his expense


ArcherGamingUK's last played Just Chatting for

About ArcherGamingUK

This streamer hasn't yet completed their BIO


PurplePython's last played Farming Simulator 22 for 3h9m25s

About PurplePython

This streamer hasn't yet completed their BIO


MadButterzz's last played Silica for 35m7s

About MadButterzz

The Best Gamer Ever.......In His Head, As He Brings Chaos & Disorder To Anything He Plays


Shoot0028's last played Minecraft for 24h33m57s

About Shoot0028

This streamer hasn't yet completed their BIO

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