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Los Santos Life - Laws


{EE} Callum Jackson

Laws of the land

These laws govern the Los Santos lands on all EE servers.
  1. Residential speed limit is 30MPH (50KPH)
  2. City/Town speed limit is 50MPH (80KPH)
  3. Freeway speed limit is 75MPH (120KPH)
  4. All drivers will be suitably licensed for the vehicle they are on control of
  5. A red light indicates you are to stop, unless you are turning right and not otherwised sign posted
  6. Citizens must comply with all lawful orders given to them by a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer).
    1. Lawful Orders could include:
      1. Order to stop your vehicle
      2. Order to remove masks within city limits (You may ask to ensure they have reasonable suspicion)
      3. Random stop and search (Reasonable suspicion required)
      4. ETC
  7. All citizens must be suitably licensed to carry a weapon
  8. Theft is a crime and will always hold a custodial sentence
  9. Murder is a crime and must always hold a custodial sentence, unless self defence that can be corroborated by witnesses (or CCTV, external sources such as a stream may be permitted here, officers discretion)
  10. All weapons must be concealed while in city limits
  11. Vehicles parked in inappropriate places will be impounded at a cost to you

General Rules

  1. Citizens will comply with server administrator/moderator requests (Unless unreasonable, in this situation you should contact a member of the senior staff or another administrator)
  2. No VDM or RDM (Vehicle Death Match or Random Death Match)
  3. You cannot immediately shoot, this will be considered RDM, both sides must know whats going on and the situation role-played
  4. Abusive language will not be tolerated at any times
  5. Uses of an exploit is strictly prohiberted as is cheating and/or hacking
  6. Do not break RP unless there is a good reason to do so, if you must then use // in chat or if using VoIP preface your message with 'Out of Character'/'OOC'/'Out of RP' or anything that will signal what you are saying is not part of the role-play
  7. Use of a microphone is not required, however, you must be able to hear the in-game VoIP at all times
  8. Mic spam is to be avoided at all times, PTT (Push to Talk) should be used
  9. LEO's are required to be on TS at all times while on duty
  10. EMS are required to be on TS at all times while on duty

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