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Welcome To Earth's Elite.  We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay.

Welcome Pack


Senior Staff

Welcome to Earth's Elite

First, we would like to welcome you to this community!  We hope that you will enjoy your time with us and recommend us highly ;)

This welcome pack should tell you everything you will need to know about our community should you wish to become a full member.  If you are interested in becoming an Earth's Elite Officer, please contact a member of the Applications Team.

Senior Staff

Earth's Elite is directly managed by 3 senior members of the community.  At the very top is the Chief Executive Officer: Callum Jackson.  Callum is the owner of Earth's Elite and the only remaining original creator of EE CoC.

Second in command is the Earth's Elite Chief Operating Officer.  This position is held by Scott Archer.  Scott first joined EE back in April 2014 and is one of the longest servicing members of Earth's Elite.

EE's third in command is the Community Manager and this position is held by Shoot.  Shoot joined EE in August 2014, he has held positions ranging from an events manager up to a director, he is the newest Senior Staff Officer.

All 3 of the Senior Staff members have proven their value and are highly experienced with running this community.  Each member of the senior staff is reviewed during staff meetings every 6 months.  During this time, staff members are given the opportunity to vote to remove any senior staff member if the majority feel someone is not performing his/her duties properly.  This policy was implemented to ensure that commanding members were active and perform their duties to better the community as a whole.

In the Chain of Command, Earth's Elite senior staff are at the top.As in a business, these members are able to issue 'Orders' to the lower staff members, but this is usually rare and only done in extreme circumstances.  Within this hierarchy, the Community Director is the highest rank and the only Senior Staff member who cannot have his/her orders/decisions overturned (unless a window of appeal is permitted by the CD).

For more information of the senior staff, please see their respective articles of information - Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Community Manager.

Applications/Personnel Training Team

The Applications/Personnel Training Team are the team of members charged with dealing with the training of the EE personnel and ensuring applications are reviewed appropriately.  These members work closely with the Senior Staff, but for the most part work independently.  With the creation of the EE 2.0 site in 2015, more and more features were added to the website, one of which was a training feature, that would better aide the EE members with their Earth's Elite qualifications.  The members of this team should be be your first point of contact if you are thinking about joining the Officer ranks of EE.  This team are dedicated to helping you get the position you want within EE, be it a moderator in a division, to one day possibily joining the Elite of the Elite - The Senior Staff.

Your Applications/Personnel Training Team Staff Are:-

Chief Executive Officer/Applications Manager - FLT. ADM. C. Jackson.

PG Rating

Earth's Elite is a PG-12 rated community.  This means it is against community rules for any person under the age of 12 to register on Earth's Elite.  For more information on our age rating and what this means, please see the PEGI Rating Website -

Please note, Earth's Elite does support PG-16 & PG-18 content, but such content is only permitted in restricted areas of the Earth's Elite community, members who are old enough will automatically receive access to one or both of the higher rated areas.

Members who are under the minimum age can receive access, however, this requires permission from their parent/guadian, for more information on how to get this access, please contact the Community Director.

If you are wanting to join Earth's Elite, but you are under the age of 12, when you register on the website, provide your TRUE birthday, you will then be redirected to a permission form, your parent/guardian must then give you permission to join EE, once we receive this permission, your account will be accepted and you will be granted full access to the Earth's Elite community, just like any other member, however, if you do not provide your TRUE birthday and a member of staff discovers this, a community wide ban will be issued to you, this ban will last from the date of issue up until you are old enough to join.

Community Chain of Command

Within Earth's Elite there is a structured Chain of Command (or Hierarchy).  This CoC dictates who members should contact if they need to contact a member of staff.  This isn't in place because we want to be annoying or just because we can, this is in place so that the higher up staff members, who already have a lot of work to do on a daily basis, aren't continously having to deal with member requests, answering questions, etc.

Depending on the subject of your query, you'll need to contact a different staff member.  In this section of the welcome pack, we will describe to you, as best as we can, who you should contact and when.  You should only ever contact the member directly above you in the CoC (if you have a query, etc, of course you can talk to the other members higher up than you and lower than you).  You shouldn't jump the CoC, however, if after a 'reasonable' amount of time has passed and you haven't heard back about your query, then contact the next person in the CoC, if they too do not reply (they should, the first person likely will), then proceed directly to the Community Manager.  If the member you contacted cannot help you, they will inform you that they are referring you up the CoC and they will contact the next member on your behalf.

If you are an Earth's Elite Recruit (newly registered member), you should contact a member of the Application/Personnel Training Team and they should be able to help you with any query that you may have.

For Earth's Elite Full Members, Officers, & Division Staff Members:

Full/Officer Member ===> Division Moderator/Events Manager ===> Division Sub-Director ===> Division Director ===> Community Manager ===> Chief Operating Officer ===> Chief Executive Officer

For Earth's Elite Full Members, Officers, & Department Staff Members:

Full/Officer Member ===> Department Specific Multi Position (EG. Ambassador or Recruiter in the Recruitment Department) ===> Department Sub-Director ===> Department Director ===> Community Manager ===> Chief Operating Officer ===> Chief Executive Officer

If you have any questions about the CoC, please use the contact us form, or access your Member Dashboard within the MMS (feature coming soon).

Community Ranks & Promotions

When EE first opened, ranks meant more than they do now, nowadays the ranking system is merely away for members to show off their level of commitment to the community.  Ranks can only be earned through Promotion Points and PP's are only given away during competitions, events, or if a staff member feels you deserve some for something that you've done within the community.

When you first join EE, your PP balance will be 0, meaning you will either be ranked Petty Officer (Third Class) or Ensign, which you will receive will depend on your membership, Full members will start with the rank of Petty Officer and work their way up through the non-commissioned ranks, EE Officers will start ranked Ensign and work their way up through the Officer ranks.

As mentioned above, you can be promoted by earning Promotion Points, either during events, competitions, or just by helping the community out as a whole.  Promotions will only be done once every 6 months during a Promotions & Awards Ceremony.

Whilst earning Promotion points, you will be given the chance to either save them for a promotion or spend them on member perks.

Probationary Period

This only applies to Earth's Elite Officers.  During your probationary period, you will be monitored closely, after three months have passed you will either automatically be assigned Officer membership on a full time basis, or be asked to attend a meeting to discuss the matter.  As an EE Officer, you are essentially a staff member in waiting/training, therefore, we want to ensure these members are the very best of Earth's Elite.

Earth's Elite Officer

Earth's Elite Officers are the members about the site with the '{EE}' tag in their name, whilst most EE Officers may not be a staff member, Officers are the only members of EE who are permitted to hold staff positions within the community.  This is so that we can ensure all members of staff at EE know the rules and policies and will be able to effectively and efficiently help run the EE community.  An EE Officer also gets the 'Officer' ranks, these are ranks Ensign and above.  The maximum rank you can achieve is Fleet Captain, ranks above this, are restricted to Senior Staff only.

Referrals/Ambassador Program

Members who have been with the community for a minimum of six months are eligible to join this program.  When you become a community ambassador, you get your own recruiter ID, during the application process, new members are able to enter this ID, with each new member you generate, you get one step closer to a promotion.

After six months, if you have been able to recruit 12 new members to the community, you are GUARANTEED a promotion, unless there are exceptional circumstances meaning we are unable to promote you.

Each six months we will review your progress on this program, as long as you keep hitting the 12 member targets, you'll keep getting promoted.

I want to play a different game

Earth's Elite permits members to play any and all games during events, if you wish to organise an event for your favorite game, just contact a member of staff and we'll see about having an event posted up for you, alternatively, just post up a thread in the community events board and a moderator should add it to the calendar for you.

But what if you want us to 'officially' support this game?

If you think EE will benefit from us officially support your favorite game, then let us know.  Use the contact us form (link in footer of every page), tell us everything you think is relevant about this game and if you want us to host a server for it as well.  If we accept this new game, a division will be created for it, you may also be asked to command the division (if you currently hold an officers membership).  We very rarely say no to a new division, we like to at least give it ago before refusing it.  All new divisions are subject to a 3 month trial period, after which the senior staff review the new division and vote whether it should be kept full time.

Venture Radio

Venture radio is a joint project between Earth's Elite and SSRF (  VR is a community radio for both communities run by the community.  We play what you want to listen to and run various competitions with chances to win Promotion Points (or equivelant) and special prizes.

As this is a community radio, we'd love for you to get involved, why not try your hand at a bit of DJing?  If you're interested, drop us an email to and let us know why you want to be a DJ.

VR does run various scheduled live shows, to find out when the next one is, please visit the VR Timetable.

You can listen live on the home page of EE or at

Abuse/Misuse/Violation Reporting

We take rule breaking, abuse, misuse etc seriously and if you happen to know of or suspect anything like this REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY.
To report abuse, misuse etc use the 'Contact Us' Form, you can report anonymously by using the email address (note, you cannot email this address, only use it as your own.  In the name fields, also type 'Anonymous').
You should tell us their Real Name (if known), Member Name, E-Mail Address (if known), when first spotted or suspected and as much detail as possible about what they have done.

After an internal investigation, this member will be disciplined in accordance to our disciplinary policy.

Earth's Elite has a zero tolerance to bullying, abuse, misuse, and rule breaking.

This covers the basics of our little community, there's nothing else for us to say apart from...


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