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Countdown Event Agenda [Member Version]


Fleet Command

Date & Time

25/10/2013 @ 8PM GMT (Fleet Time).



On the 25th we will be hosting a small two night event to mark exactly one month until our fleet launch. The following is what we hope to do:

Promotion Ceremony (25th @8PM Fleet Time)

This will be about fifteen or so minutes, during the ceremony the Fleet CO will welcome everyone who turns up and the live stream viewers, confirm the flag officers ranks, open the floor to the flag officers if they wish to say anything, and then promote those who are to be promoted or confirm the ranks of those who are just joining us. If you need to attend you will receive an invite from the Fleet CO, otherwise if you don't want to join us for he promotion ceremony just turn up at 8:15PM Fleet Time (GMT)

Role-Play (25th After Above)

The role-play will be the first of many (hopefully), we will be starting a serial role-play called Earth's Elite - Archangel. It will be set around the Captain and Crew of the USS Archangel. We will confirm positions for the RP during the RP, however, for this event the Fleet CO will be assuming the CO role with the rank of Commander.

Frag Match (25th After Above or 26th @8PM Fleet Time if too late on 25th)

A frag match which will be normal fleet members against the fleet command. Exactly what we'll be doing during this part will be confirmed during the event as it depends on what you all want to play: Capture the Flag, Assimilation, etc etc

STO Event (26th @8PM Fleet Time, unless above on 26th, if so after above)

This event will also be confirmed on the night. On Saturday the Fleet CO will be handing control over to Rear Admiral Newton where he'll explain exactly what we'll be doing.

Any questions please contact the event organiser on The Fleet CO's Email Address.

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[ALL] Community Night [19:00], [ALL] Big Community Challenge (Singles) - Season Four [20:00]

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