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Welcome To Earth's Elite.  We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay.  We're currently undergoing a re-brand and changing up our divisions, please do bare with us during this.  We thank you for your understanding during this process!
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Chief of Fleet Operations

This Article Needs Updating - These two positions have been turned into one and responsibilities have been redefined.


The Joint Chief's of Fleet Operations.  Traditionally this is a role held by only one officer, however, here at Earth's Elite we have two officers whom hold this position, this is to lighten the load on the officers.


The officers who hold this role are the first officers you would contact in the hierarchy when contacting the senior command team.  Chief of fleet operations is similar to a division administrator but on a larger scale.  Though the fleet CO and XO are ultimately responsible in the running of the fleet, the chief of fleet operations are the officers who ensure their orders are carried out.


They must ensure the Creative Writing & Gaming Departments keep running.  Under normal circumstances these officers shouldn't have to intervene, they would normally relay the orders and observe, however, should these officers notice a division administrator not performing his or her duties or even a department head not performing their duties, these officers have the power to either contact the head/administrator and order them to take a certain action or, in an extreme case, tell the head or administrator to step aside and allow them (or the assistance head/administrator) take over.


These officers also have the power to temporarily remove a head/administrator from their position and order them to attend a JAG (Judge Advocate General) meeting, these officers do not have the power to issue bans longer than 12 months or dismiss members from the fleet, the power to permanently ban a member and/or dismiss them from the fleet is left with the fleet commanding officer only.


The two officers who hold this position are Rear Admiral's Hurt & Archer.


Rear Admiral Archer

Scott has been the Games Department Director at Earth's Elite for a short time firstly. He was the first officer to hold this position and invented the majority of the rules. He has since become the JCFO, the position he currently holds. 

You can contact Scott Archer using:

Rear Admiral Hurt

Admiral Hurt, please type here.

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