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Fleet Commanding Officer

This Article Needs Updating, whilst most of the information is true, the position name has changed and a few of the responsibilites have been redefined.


The Fleet commanding officer is ultimately responsible for the fleet and it's members.  The fleet CO is the most senior officer within the fleet.  He is responsible for carrying out the orders of starfleet command and representing both starfleet and the Federation.


The Fleet commanding officer is the officer at the very top of the hierarchy.  This person is the only member within Earth's Elite who has the power to countermand orders or decisions made by every other member within the fleet.


The Fleet commanding officer is responsible for keeping the fleet running, though, he cannot do this alone.  The Fleet Executive Officer and Joint Chief's of Fleet Operations aid him when it comes to this.  Those officers act as liasons between the fleet CO and the general member populus.  The Fleet CO would normally only be involved in matters that no other officer can resolve or that require drastic action to be taken.  There is only one person within EE that has the power to issue a permanent ban from the fleet, this power rests solely with the fleet CO.


As it currently stands Admiral Callum Jackson currently holds the position of fleet CO.


Callum can still be considered new to the world of Star Trek RPGing with only three years under his belt, however, this doesn't mean he is experienced enough to command the fleet.  For those three years Callum has RPed along side some experienced members, learnt from them and has even been in command of his own SIMM for the entire three years.


You can contact Callum via a few different methods.


This information is reviewed and updated regularly, this article was last updated 18th of February 2014.

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