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Star Trek: Temporal Leap / Season one | Episode Ten | Majestic-12
« on: May 22, 2017, 07:08:52 pm »
Season One | Episode Ten | It Can Get Worse

Episode Director: Scott Archer

Required Maps: efarea51 (Will be provided on the night if needed)

Now repaired, Ariana is back on track as the mystery surrounding ‘Kajan’ deepens after a mysterious device capable of destroying the galaxy (and in fact almost did) is discovered and identified as belonging to Kajan.
Still, the leaps continue and the crew must continue following the course set out for them by TIA - this time to 1954...

If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,855.0.html

As of this time, all reserved positions are no longer reserved, you can apply for any positions listed on the manifest, apart from Second Officer.

Star Trek: Temporal Leap / Season One | Episode Eight | Origins
« on: April 23, 2017, 11:08:16 pm »
Season One | Episode Eight | Origins

Episode Director: S. Archer

Earth’s Distant Past
A planet very different to the one that is known by the crew
And danger lurks from the crews past in the future...

Required map: Rota3DM3 (to be given out via TS at start)

Star Trek: Temporal Leap / Season 1 | Episode Six | Home?
« on: April 09, 2017, 10:19:40 pm »
Season One | Episode Six | Home?

Episode Director: S. Archer

After Savage activated manual control and returned us to our home time period, what happens next?
Not everything is as it seems…

Required map:

April 2017 / #EE24h April 2017 Quotes!
« on: April 07, 2017, 07:08:06 pm »
Quotes for ma penis - Callum603
Here's SavageLAD on the bridge - Scott Archer

Star Trek: Temporal Leap / Season One | Episode Three | Duplex Game
« on: March 19, 2017, 08:10:44 pm »
Season One | Episode Three | Duplex Game

Episode Director: S. Archer

History. Changed.
Vulcan. Lost.
And what of Savage or Okane?

What changed, to force an Earth-Andor alliance that culminates in the destruction of the Vulcan people? More importantly, what can we do to stop it?

Duplex (Adjective): Allowing the transmission of two signals simultaneously in opposite directions.

Required: camelot_remake (included in Ultimate Edition) and the scottpack
Reminder: This episode will be airing 27/03/2017 to make way for the Community Recruitment event.

If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,855.0.html

As of this time, all reserved positions are no longer reserved, you can apply for any positions listed on the manifest, apart from Second Officer.

Season One | Episode Two | Everything Has Changed

Episode Director: S. Archer

With Dulmur having disobeyed orders and activating TIA, the crew find themselves in 2151 - the day the Enterprise NX-01 has launched.
TIA orders the crew around the briefing table and tells them that there is a huge temporal distortion. It is there job to find out what it is, and correct it.

Whilst things seem the same at first glance, in reality - everything has changed.

Required Map: (To be given out at event start)

If you haven't already applied for the SRP, you can do so now here -,855.0.html

As of this time, all reserved positions are no longer reserved, you can apply for any positions listed on the manifest, apart from Second Officer.

Callum unfortunately will not be streaming as David Bowie, not on my count anyway.

I've not posted earlier as I was hoping to come to another solution but unfortunately that was not possible.

I have a prior commitment on Friday evening that I cannot get out of.
As such, I will attend the first 30-40 minutes of the event (19:00-19:35ish)
I will then be back and participating from between 22:00-22:30 to the end of the event (assuming the sleep gremlins stay away!)

Star Trek: Project Asteria / Asteria air dates
« on: July 11, 2016, 10:28:58 pm »
Asteria will be airing:
  • 12/09/2016- Episode 9
  • 16/09/2016- Episode 10 (during ST 24 hour event)
  • 19/09/2016- Episode 11 [finale]

Air Date: 01/08/2016

A week after Episode 7, Asteria is fully repaired... Or so we thought. A series of mysterious malfunctions bring us back to the heart of the issue. What is everyone fighting over.


For the newer players, we'll be recapping some of the information and we'll be having an episode that is much less intense and easier to follow if you don't know the full back story.

Star Trek: Project Asteria / Absent thread
« on: July 06, 2016, 11:00:08 am »
Only just realised that we didn't have one of these!
Please post here if you can't make an episode.
If I am not informed before an episode with a valid excuse, you'll be counted as absent. 3 Absences before I remove you from the roster, although you can reapply.

Absent from Episode 6:
Sheia K'Ress (6 consecutive absences)
LumberJack (1 absence)

Sheia K'Ress (6)
Lumber Jack (1)

Removing Sheia K'Ress for missing 6 consecutive episodes (3 of these did have a valid excuse, but the remaining missed exceeds the threshold.)

Stalemate. The forces of Starfleet Intelligence and Starfleet are pitted against each other over Asteria.
Jackson vs Blake, although there is another unknown force at work.
Who will win?

Air date: 11/07/16
Map: Asteria, USS_Nimitz_Beta_1_1 (copy from your RPG-X UE Folder)

See you then!

Archives / Asteria Canceled (27/06/16)
« on: June 27, 2016, 06:48:55 pm »
Something just came up, meaning I won't be able to run this week.
Looking at my diary, the next 3 weeks should almost certainly be clear and I have planned out the rest of this series, and started planning a second.

But per Role Play department rules, if 3 consecutive weeks are missed then the RP should be canceled, but because the next few weeks should be good, and there still seems to be relative interest in running this, I want to run a poll on the following motion:

On the agreement that the next 3 weeks run as planned, Project Asteria will remain an active EE SRP until further notice.
If the condition is not met, or this poll results in a tie or loss by next Monday at 19:00 fleet time, then Asteria will be cancelled.

Please post your answer in this thread as well, as this is only open to Asteria Participants. Any votes without an answer will be ignored.

I'm enjoying running Asteria and I hope you guys are enjoying it too!

Earth's Elite Chief Operating Officer's Office / LOA (06/06-15/06)
« on: June 06, 2016, 07:13:08 pm »
Due to myself coming to the end of college, I've got quite a lot of work and not very much time to do it in.

I want to properly focus on getting college finished up.

I should still be around for any major queries, but it would be apprechiated if anything minor could be taken to Khta in the meantime.

See you all soon!

Archives / Project Asteria postponment
« on: June 06, 2016, 07:06:57 pm »
Hey guys, sorry for the late notice.
I'm really busy at the moment as we come to the end of college and I've got quite a lot to do. Usually I'd just run it, but I really enjoyed running this a little more properly last week.
The rest of the first season is more or less planned out but I want to be able to run this properly and without distraction.
As such, I am postponing the next two episodes of Asteria. We'll resume again in two weeks time.
I shall also being taking a semi-LOA over this period. So if any fleet issues could be run past Khta first, it may get a faster response.
I should be back soon!

Admiral Knowles returns to Earth and delivers his report.
It could land Asteria in some serious trouble, and Starfleet in even worse trouble

Air Date: 04/07/16
Maps: Asteria, STRP-HQ-2 (Can be found as STRP_base.pk3 in RPG-XUE baseEF folder, copy across to your install of 8.4.6)

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