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Author Topic: Technical Now Hiring - Discord Server Assistant Manager  (Read 588 times)

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Technical Now Hiring - Discord Server Assistant Manager
« on: September 06, 2017, 10:53:13 pm »

The Technical department is now hiring a discord assistant manager.

The role will require the successful applicant to work along side the manager in running the EE Discord server.  You will be involved in every decision on the server and aid in leading the discord support officers.  You will be a direct communication link between members and staff to the Discord Manager and higher.  It will be your responsibility to ensure decisions made for the server are in the servers best interest, staff are performing their duties, and the server is remaining PG-12 and clean at all times.

  • Earth's Elite Officer Membership
  • Warning Level of 1 or Less
  • Ability To Work As A Team
  • Willingness To Learn
  • Leadership

Main Responsibilities:
  • Aid the manager in day to day running of the discord server
  • Ensuring the server adheres to the Earth's Elite Rules & Regulations at all times
  • To deal with users support requests promptly
  • Lead the discord support officers
  • Provide a communication link between users and senior members of staff

If you wish to apply for this position then please email the Technical Director here -

In your email please include why you think you would be good for this position and any examples if you can.  Please also include dates/times, in Community Time, when you would be available for a meeting, no further than 14 days from the end date of this application process.  Your interview will be conducted on TeamSpeak.

Applications will remain open for 7 days, they will close on the 13th September 2017 @ 22:50 Community Time.  Interviews will happen during and shortly after this time.

Good luck to all applicants.

Fleet Admiral Callum Jackson
Chief Executive Officer
Technical Department Director
Lead Website/Server Administrator/Developer
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