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Author Topic: Earth's Elite's Los Santos Life - Update  (Read 289 times)

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Earth's Elite's Los Santos Life - Update
« on: August 26, 2017, 06:07:28 pm »

I just wanted to post a quick update regarding the Los Santos Life server that EE is setting up.

I don't think I've referred to it by it's name that much, so just for clarification, that is what we are called the EE FiveM server.

Since I last mentioned it here quite a bit has changed.  The server software that we use has been updated, this has added a number of extra bugs into the server that we are developing, I am currently working to try and resolve these.  Due to how severe some of the bugs are, some of the scripts would require a full rewrite to work, or pretty much a full rewrite, thankfully this is only affecting a couple of the scripts that we have running, unfortunatley one of the ones that is affected is one of the scripts that is the backbone for most of the other ones, so my priority right now is to get that updated and working.

Once I have everything up and running again I will be releasing the current version of the server to the public, I would like to stress now, this is a very much unfinished build of the server that we have planned, but it will have the basic features, I also feel that releasing it sooner rather than later is the best option here, I've made you all wait long enough for the server as it is.

I will continue to work on feature updates, which I will release as and when they are ready after the initial release of the server, this shouldn't affect your gameplay, other than adding extra cool and exciting feautes to the server for you to use and live out your virtual life.

I am aiming to have the Pre-Alpha (if you like) build of the server publically available within the next 4 weeks.  This is all dependant on real life and how much time I can dedicate to the development of the server, but hopefully by the last week of September we will have the Los Santos Life RP server up and running, albeit lacking a few features that will stilll be in development.

I will require a few beta testers before I am able to release the server though, just to make sure the server is actually functional before I go ahead and release it, so if you would like to help me test the server, once I have something to test, please let me know.  In order to volunteer, please only do so if you think you'll be available during a Sunday afternoon for 30-60 minutes of server testing next month.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or features you'd like me to add, just post below or contact me directly.

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Re: Earth's Elite's Los Santos Life - Update
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2017, 08:30:39 pm »

I'm about on Sundays from 3PM onwards.

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