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Author Topic: Life of Noah  (Read 342 times)

{EE} Scott Archer

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Life of Noah
« on: April 19, 2016, 09:18:53 am »

So a friend of mine is doing this really cool project, and he traveled around the world (without telling anyone) to make a test video!

Quote from:  Kickstarter
Life of Noah is a whole new way of telling a story. Film has always been about illusions, engaging an audience to believe what they're seeing is real for just a moment, but what if you were to take that a step further? What if it felt like the character existed in the same world as yours, as if the stories you were watching were really happening. We think vlogs hold the potential to do just that. Life of Noah is a story told in the format of a vlog with every moment scripted, every shot thought through, but is presented as authentic, as though someone has just picked up the camera and filmed.

As with all great projects, it needs funding to get properly started, so you can check out the kickstarter here:

Who knows, Callum may even dye his hair again if this reaches the full amount ;)

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