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Author Topic: IMPORTANT SSRF - Back on Track and User Roll Call  (Read 416 times)

Steve Malloway

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IMPORTANT SSRF - Back on Track and User Roll Call
« on: December 11, 2015, 01:07:39 pm »

Find below an email sent out to the Fleet a couple of days ago....


I am now back from a Leave of Absence that all Command Staff within the Fleet were notified of. My email sent out to notify of this stated that I would look to either:
a) Cancel the Fleet Mission and allow crew to go and complete their own missions
b) Continue the Fleet Mission
These options were left to either Commanding Officers voting for an outcome, or keeping quiet on replies would vote option B.

Option B is in effect.
The Fleet Mission will continue, and I am now in a position to put my time back into the Fleet as it previously was. To do this, I still need all your help. As previously stated on numerous occassions; I have many projects and ideas I wish to roll out to the Fleet, but these require activity from everyone and input from everyone. Please, do help myself and the Senior Fleet teams to accomplish our goals.

Thus, I now need to know who is still with us. I realise this is a busy time of year for all. Therefore the deadline for reporting in DIRECTLY TO ME is December 25th, Christmas Day.

To report in, email me with ALL YOUR CHARACTER'S NAMES, their RANKS, POSITION, and ASSIGNMENTS. My email is

Alternatively, reply to this thread in the News and Announcements section of the Forums

If I do not receive a roll call report in from you, you will be deemed as having left the Fleet. YOU CANNOT REPORT IN FOR OTHERS. You must report in yourself, from your email address.

Kindest Regards

Admiral Malloway, Joint Fleet Commanding Officer


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