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Author Topic: Senior Staff Meeting [08/12/2014] - DECLASSIFIED!  (Read 640 times)

{EE} Callum Jackson

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Senior Staff Meeting [08/12/2014] - DECLASSIFIED!
« on: December 09, 2014, 02:52:52 pm »

Below are some of the results that we feel the general member base should be made aware of.  Any questions etc please do post them below.

Garry's Mod Division
The decision has been made that the Gmod division will remain in active service until March 2015.  If by the time March comes we haven't been able to find enough money to fund the ENTERPRISE server, Garry's Mod Division will be shutdown permanently.

Ace of Spades
The decision has been made to allow the AoS division to remain in active service until March 2015.  If by the time March comes and we haven't been able to find enough money to fund the ENTERPRISE server, AoS's situation will be reviewed, if it is able to run along side Holomatch & RPG-X on DEFIANT, then it will be permitted to remain in active service.

After the host outage yesterday, this decision was made.  Earth's Elite will begin to utilise a service called CloudFlare.  This service will help improve the speed of our site, the security of our site, and even attempt to stop spammers/bots from accessing our site.  I believe there is also a feature built in to inform our site users if their computers are infected with a virus that it knows of.  But the feature that sold us on this service was the 100% uptime guarantee, even if our host goes offline again, users will still be able to access a Cached copy of our site (I believe it will be a version of our site that is 24 hours old), though most features wont work (shoutbox, posting, etc), we will still have a website for our users to come to and get information etc off of if needed.  This we feel will benefit us massively after I myself stored the Senior Staff meetings agenda on the site, and we lost access to it for half of the meeting due to the outage.

Senior Staff Meetings
It has been decided that we need to increase the frequency of these meetings, therefore, the senior staff will convene once every 3 months for a full senior staff meeting, the next being in March 2015.

Staff Meetings
The decision has been made that EE will hold a full staff meetings every 6 months, these meetings will involve every member who holds a staff position within EE.
It has also been decided that division and department directors should hold a division/department specific meeting every 6 months, BEFORE the full staff meeting or as and when necessary.
It has also been decided that department and division directors will convene once every 6 months for a meeting, this meeting will involve the more classified subjects that can't be discussed in the whole staff meeting.  Senior staff may attend these department/division head meetings.

These are still being worked on, we will attempt to have a confirmed set of policies by the new year.

Senior Staff Positions
The decision has been made to split the Joint Chief of Fleet Operations into two separate roles.
Rear Admiral Scott Archer, will now be the sole Chief of Fleet Operations, he will oversee the operational side of our community - Divisions, and CW department.  The Gaming Department Director and Sub Director positions have been deleted.
Rear Admiral DJ Hurt, will now be the Chief of Staff For Earth's Elite, he will oversee the non operational side of the fleet, Recruitment department, JAG, etc.

Anything not mentioned above is still deemed classified.

Any questions, please do post them below.

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Re: Senior Staff Meeting [08/12/2014] - DECLASSIFIED!
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2014, 10:26:52 am »

Good to hear that.

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