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Author Topic: Welcome!  (Read 512 times)

{EE} Khta

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« on: April 02, 2014, 08:42:34 pm »

I grew up on Star Trek (yes, that old! but still totally hip!) and recently became addicted to playing STO. A WoW convert actually...

When I first came on, and was invited to a Fleet, I had no idea what a Fleet would do for me, but, I am a team player and I liked the mission statement here, so I joined.

Star Trek Online is built to be able to play solo- without the need for groups. (A nice change from World of Warcraft, which gave unfair advantage to groups.) There are benefits to being in a group here as well. For one, it is fun to run around with others and play! But beyond that, the Fleet is able, by building up its status, to offer better discounts, more ships, and personal equipment that may not be available in game. Unless of course you just spend you hard earned dollars buying Zen bucks! Even then, there are some things only available to Fleets.

I would love to invite every new Fleet member to join me, write me, ask me for help...whatever you need, I am here to answer questions or help you level up!

Make it So!


Make it so!

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