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Author Topic: #EE24H Autumn 2021  (Read 794 times)

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#EE24H Autumn 2021
« on: November 18, 2021, 12:42:56 am »

It's almost that time of year again, EE's 7th annual Autumn 24 hour event.

This event will be starting at the usual time of 7PM Community Time on Friday the 19th of November 2021.  The event as usual will be streamed live.  You can watch the stream from the 24 hour event dashboard, which is arguably the best place to watch the stream from, this page will keep you up to date on the quotes and the event schedule as well as allow you to watch the full team (great for during the split team events and race to complete) -

Once again this years Autumn variant of the #EE24H will be the 'Stream Until We Dream', meaning only the first 12 hours of the event are guaranteed at this point.
The guaranteed time or donation time can be extended by anyone by simply donating towards the EE Autumn donation goal (see below for details), unlike last years SUWD event we have changed up the way donation time is added on.
Our team members (Scott, Martin, Butterzz, & Myself) will be able to choose whether we are participating in the SUWD which will change how the event works for us, for everyone else and any team members not partaking in the SUWD portion of the event, then they will be participating in the #EE24H as usual (more on this below).

Donation time can be accrued by hitting the EE milestones for the Autumn donation goal - 175
25% milestone (43.75) will add 3 hours to the donation time and unlock that portion of the event schedule
50% milestone (87.50) will add another 3 hours to the donation time bringing it up to 6 hours in total and unlock the next section of the event schedule
75% milestone (131.25) will again add another 3 hours bringing the total to 9 hours and unlocking the penultimate section of the schedule
100% milestone (175) will add the last 3 hours and unlock the full event schedule taking the SUWD duration to 24 hours.

Team members participating in the SUWD will not be carrying out milestone challenges/tasks but instead will be following the SUWD milestones.  All team members will be participating in donation challenges/tasks in a new way.
Team members not participating in the SUWD but instead participating in the more casual #EE24H will be asked to create milestones as per the usual event format.

For each donation we receive we will spin the donation wheel, this will decide who will do a challenge/task and what they will be doing, this will be done during the next donation spotlight portion of the event (currently planned for after each break).

Once again, the orders with each donation will NOT be returning for the SUWD or #EE24H Autumn event this year.

The full event schedule can be found here -

Team members will be posting below which of the variants they will be aiming to participate in and any relevenat information like donation spins and milestones below.

Any questions or suggestions, as always please post below.

Callum Jackson
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Information Officer
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