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[ALL] Race Night

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08-12-2017 @ 20:00

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{EE} Callum Jackson


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Race night, this event will be hosted on a random racing game (or a game with the ability to race) every Friday evening from 8PM.

Race night will start at 8PM with a 15 minute warm up, followed by a 10 minute qualify.  After the 10 minute qualify, we will start the full race, we will aim for the race to last roughly 1 hour, though based on the length of the track and number of laps, it may go on longer or shorter.

First place will receive 100 Promotion Points, Second place 50, and third 25.

Each race we will try and cycle through a few weather scenarios, we wont stick to one weather type it will be set to change every so often.

To enter in the race each week, all you need to do is show up on the night for 8PM, you'll be able to join through the warm up, once we start to qualify, the session will be locked.

Event Published On: 20-04-2017 22:42

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