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[ALL] Community Night

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21-12-2018 @ 19:00

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{EE} Callum Jackson


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Meet up on TS3 (Community Lounge) from 7PM Onwards, the Community Night event is based around the community, so just come along to chat, or play random games, both, etc etc. I will be hosting a Promotion Points Lottery at 8PM Community Time. Nothing else is scripted or planned, you'll be free to do whatever you want (within Community Rules etc), even if that means one persons playing one game, two another, and one just sat chatting to us all.

For the Lottery, you get to choose a number between 1 and 50, you will pay 5PP's per number and you can have a maximum of 2 numbers. You can purchase your numbers now by PMing me with your choice of numbers, or on the night over TS. At 8PM I will draw the winning number, this will be chosen at random by the EE site (I'll quickly code up a basic page with a random number generator on it, really quick and simple to do), the lucky member whos number is drawn will win the pot (so if 5 members all bought 2 numbers, that'd be 50 Promotion Points to the winner), if the number drawn matches no members number, the lottery will be locked and will go into a roll over, if you wish to remain in it at that point, you'll have to let me know, as you'll be charged another 5PP's per number you currently hold, you'll be unable to change your numbers at this point, no new members will be able to join either. The pot will continue to roll over until someone wins it, even if that means the pot is in the thousands.

Event Published On: 20-04-2017 22:42

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