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Earth's Elite Autumn 2018 24 Hour Event Starts In 2 days 13 hours 10 minutes remaining.

[ALL] Halloween Special Event [PG-18]


26-10-2018 @ 21:00 - 27-10-2018 @ 02:00

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{EE} Callum Jackson


1 Members Are Attending This Event

This event will start as PG-12, but will progress up to PG-18 by midnight.

Please note, this event will be horror themed.

EE's annual fright night!  Like last year, we're hoping to try and create a nice creepy atmosphere and scare you all to death to create more gohsts for the spooky vibe (spelling mistake intentional).

Time Event Description
21:00 Stop it Slender! Collect pages and try and survive (Garry's Mod required)
22:00 Savage Lands The lands are very savage, Captain.
23:00 --PG Rating Upgrade To PG-18--   If you wish to attend past this point please ensure you have pre-approved parental permission
23:00 The Forest If you have VR definately be setup for this, I will be.
00:00 Cry of Fear  
01:00 No More Room In Hell  
--Backup Game-- Left 4 Dead  

Event Published On: 08-10-2018 14:41

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