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[ALL] The Big Community Challenge (Singles) - Season Three

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14-09-2018 @ 20:00 - 09-09-2018 @ 21:00

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{EE} Callum Jackson


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The Big Community Challenge (Singles) Returns for season 3!

Want to be in with a chance with entering the Earth's Elite hall of fame?  Come along to the sign up event on Friday 6th July.

In this challenge, you will be put through a series of tests, at the end of each challenge, the member in first place will receive a reward that will help them during the next challenge, they will also receive immunity, which they can use in the following week, (from challenge 3 onwards).  From challenge 4 onwards, the member in last place will be eliminated, unless they have immunity.

We will keep going until only 2 members are left, these members will then go head to head until only one remains.

The winner of this competition will go down in the EE hall of fame along with receiving the grand prize of £10 Gift Card (or game to equivalent value), 1 Year EE VIP Perks, Special Member Award, 100K PP Points, & all the bragging rights you can muster.

If you wish to participate in the third season of the community challenge, the first event on the 06/07/2018 will be for you to sign up, the following week will be the first challenge.  This competition will last a maximum of 3 months, that will be enough time for roughly 12 challenges.  If you miss a week, you will be disqualified, if you miss a week but have immunity, you will be classed as being in last place and be safe for that week only.

The Rules:

All challenges will be streamed live, you will be given your challenge hint 24 hours prior to the challenge, but you will be told what game it will be on, 1 week before the event.

Betting will be open to all other members, you can bet each week for 10 Promotion Points, the total pot will be shared out between whoever win the bet.  The final challenge betting will see a starting pot of 500 Promotion Points, bets should be Private Messaged to the Chief Executive Officer.



CHALLENGERS! When signing up for this event, please include a few random facts about yourself, what special skills you may have to help you win this challenge, and anything else you feel is pertinent.

You can sign up here right now - - or during the sign up event.



This season was not going to go ahead, the Senior Staff had decided to cancel season 3 onwards of The Big Community Challenge, however, we have since agreed to give this another shot, partnering with another community to hopefully give us enough members to ensure this runs as intended.  We are hoping to get around 6 contestants.  The prizes have been altered to allow us to deliver a better reward for all involved.  If you have any feedback on this event then please do contact us, with your help we can make EE a more enjoyable place.  Thanks for reading.

Event Published On: 21-06-2018 02:07

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