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{EE} Callum Jackson admin {EE} Callum Jackson
Senior Staff
{EE} Scott Archer admin {EE} Scott Archer
Senior Staff
{EE} Shoot admin {EE} Shoot
Senior Staff
{EE} Canio22 gmod {EE} Canio22
Global Moderator
Steve Malloway gmod Steve Malloway
SSRF Partners
{EE} Khta lmod {EE} Khta
Massively Multiplayer Online Directors
{EE} Bofum lmod {EE} Bofum
Simulation Directors
lmod {EE} Tuvok
First Person Shooters Directors


Earth's Elite is a fairly new community, first opening her doors back in November 2013 (November 21st 2013, to be precise).  When first opened, Earth's Elite was primarily a Star Trek based gaming community, since then she has grown to include a multitude of other games - RPG-X, Star Trek Online, Garry's Mod, Minecraft, & Ace of Spades to name a few.

Ever wanted to explore strange new worlds? Seek out new life and new civilisations?  Then Earth's Elite needs you!  Will you join to boldly go where no one has gone before?

Latest News From Our Divisions


Star Wars The Old Republic Blog
SWTOR Blog spot

STO Duty Officer Missions
Here are some hot spots for Duty assignments

STO Reputation items
Where to get those pesky items needed to purchase Reputation items!


Star Trek: Temporal Leap - Season One
NEW SRP!!! Co-Written by Callum & Scott, Temporal Leap will follow Captain Savage, TIA, and the crew of the USS Ariana.

Weekly Improv Night
Improv RP's are much like improv comedy. Once something is said it's said, there is not plot, we make it up as we go!

Division Director
Scott Archer has stepped down as director of the RP division, Callum Jackson is now acting director until further notice.


FPS Division's Change Of Directorship
Change on Directorship

New Director
Shoot has assumed the director position of this division.


Virtual Airline System Suggestions
We'll be taking suggestions from members during the Community Night event on Friday 11th from 7PM Community Time.

EE Flight Sim Server
Earth's Elite Now Has A 24/7 Flight Sim Server. Multi Sim Compatible!

Rules and Policies
The guidelines for all FSX Division members


To The Stars! (Hiatus)
The To The Stars! Event Is Temporarily Being Removed!

This Division Is Recruiting
The Sandbox division is looking for dedicated hard working officers who want to help run the division.

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Callum Jackson - 1532.29 Hours

Shoot - 520.84 Hours

Canio22 - 60.81 Hours

Scott Archer - 36.75 Hours

James Solomon - 2.47 Hours

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[FPS] FPS Division Recruitment Event [15:00]

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Venture Radio

Venture Radio is a joint venture between Earth's Elite and SSRF.

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[FPS] FPS Division Recruitment Event [15:00], [RP] Star Trek: Temporal Leap - Season One [20:00], [SIM] SIM Night [19:00], [SBOX] Spin The Wheel [20:00], [ALL] Community Night [19:00], [ALL] Race Night [20:00], [SBOX] Engineers In Space [16:00]

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