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Welcome To Earth's Elite.  We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay.

Division Announcements

Closed For Refurbishment
Sandbox division is closing for refurbishment, all events cancelled until re-launch on 13th September!

[BACK ONLINE] Minecraft Server Update
The Minecraft server is back online.

Minecraft Server Update
Minecraft server is going down for update to 1.12.

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Welcome To The Sandbox Division

The sandbox division is currently run by the Chief Executive Officer himself.  This division covers all games that are, well, a Sandbox.

The Sandbox division currently has servers for Garry's Mod & Minecraft.

The GMod Server runs Murder by default, but if you would like the gamemode changing temorarily or permenantly, please contact the division director.  The Server has a wide variety of maps available for you to play on, just be sure to have Counter Strike: Source Maps and Content addon installed.  The Server also features a FastDL, this allows us to minimise the network impact on our servers, and allows you to get into game quicker.  Our FastDL will have you download the necassary addons/maps direct from the Steam Workshop.

The Minecraft server, orginially was going to be a Vanilla server, it did start that way, but over the course of a few weeks, the members playing decided to add a few plugins, the server now has: Better Beds - Allows players to skip the night so long as 50% or more of the online players sleep; Lockette - Permits the locking of chests and doors, this also protects them from explosions; Essentials - This adds a massive amount of features, a few include, mail, trade signs, and on server currency; And BloodMoon - There is a 25% chance every night that the players may encounter a BloodMoon. A BloodMoon will make the night extremely difficult, giving mobs upwards of 80 hearts, they are faster, hit harder, and a hell of a lot more of them. It is best to buddy up for a BloodMoon.  During a BloodMoon, certain commands get disabled, this means, if you are out in the middle of nowhere, unable to get home, you cannot use the Essentials commands to warp to a warp point, or warp home until the morning, oh, and nights are also extended.

If you know of any other games that you want adding to this division, please contact the division director or sub-director.  We're always looking for more fun and exciting games to add to our division!

Upcoming Events

[ALL] Community Night [19:00], [RP] RP Night [19:00] [PG-16]

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