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FPS Division's Change Of Directorship
Change on Directorship

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Shoot has assumed the director position of this division.

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                                                                 Welcome To FPS Division Page!



Welcome to First Person Shooters Division!

This division is all about shooting (Obviously) and if you are interested, stay on and read more!


This Division has 6 official servers within the Earth's Elite, the games are: Ace Of Spades (3 servers), Star Trek: Elite Force: Holomatch (2 servers), and we also have Event-Created servers for each and every one of our weekly events.

Also, this division can have other games aswell, such as, Battlefield, Call Of Duty, and many others aswell!  

If you have any questions, please ask away from Rear Admiral Lower Half Shoot, via PM, or Email. Details Below.



You can apply for these assignments within First Person Shooters Division:

Moderator / PayRate is 400PPs/M

Events Manager / PayRate is 400PPs/M

If you wish to have a position within this division or any questions, please contact Lieutenant Commander Tuvok or Rear Admiral Lower Half Shoot via PM or E-Mail. (PM and Email are currently Shoot's)




Upcoming Events

[SIM] SIM Night [19:00], [SIM] SIM Recruitment Event! [19:00], [SBOX] Spin The Wheel [20:00], [SBOX] Sandbox Showcase Event [20:00], [SIM] SIM Flight! [14:00], [MMO] Random Hour (or two) [19:24], [FPS] FPS Recruitment! [22:00], [FPS] FPS Event Fun! [22:00], [ALL] Community Night [19:00], [ALL] Race Night [20:00], [RP] Star Trek: Echoes [23:00], [SBOX] Engineers In Space [16:00], [ALL] The Big Community Challenge (Singles) - Season Two [16:00], [MMO] Elite Dangerous Fun! [22:00], [SBOX] To The Stars! [18:00]

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