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Senior Staff Meeting [26/06/2015] - DECLASSIFIED


{EE} Callum Jackson:
Senior Staff
As EE slowly converts from calling itself a Fleet to being more of a Community, the senior staff positions have changed slightly.  As of the 26/06/2015 the Senior Staff is now as follows:
Community Director - Fleet Admiral Callum Jackson; Community Sub-Director - Vice-Admiral Scott Archer; and Community Manager - Rear Admiral Khta.  We feel this fits in with the current division/department staff positions as well.

As well as the position names changes, the Senior Staff will now only consist of three members, the Community Director, the Community Sub-Director, and the Community Manager.  If in the future EE grows larger and more senior staff members are required, we may reconsider this decision.

Casual Gaming Division
The un-official casual gaming division that we've had on the forums for a month or so, is now a fully fledged EE division.  This division wont be run like any of the other divisions, for starters there wont be any 'official' staff members for the division, there will be moderators assigned to watch over the events and posts in its area, but that's all.  The division also wont be held to the same standards that the other divisions are, meaning this division doesn't need to hold 2 events a month.

Events for the casual gaming division can be organised by anyone for any game, including higher PG rated games.  Please contact any member of the senior staff to organise an event for the division, if you wish to have it display on the calendar.

EE 2.0 Website
Final features have been confirmed for the final release of the 2.0 website.  Work on the final release will begin shortly.

Minimum Ranks For Staff
Effective immediately, any and all new staff members wanting to take up positions within EE, will have to meet the minimum rank requirements.  This is to show that you are able and willing to participate in EE events and goings on and willing to help out where you can (as this is what you get promoted for).  For Sub-Director and up positions, you will need a minimum rank of Lieutenant Commander; for all positions below Sub-Director, you will require a minimum rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Anything not mentioned above is still deemed classified.

Any questions, please do post them below.


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