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{EE} Callum Jackson:
It was revealed on the 21st of last month that the newest sub-division is Space Engineers.

Tomorrow will be its review by the Senior Staff to see if it's actually worth committing our resources to (as we host a server for it).

To date no events were ever scheduled for this sub-division by the members who requested it.

This is an advanced notice that this division is likely to be terminated by the end of tomorrow.

If the division is removed, is there anything you'd like the senior staff to vote on to replace it?  Note the senior staff meeting is tomorrow at 8PM Community Time, suggestions after this time will not be taken into account (unless they're posted before we actually get to this topic in the meeting).

{BANNED} jamessolomon:
We had that test and it turned ou the server wasnt up to it to be able to handle it so if we turn it into a casual gaming thing people can request events for it there hosting themselves rather than play on a buggy server that crashed for us when we tried to play survival plus theres no head of that division yet to be able to put events up for people to join

{EE} Callum Jackson:
The server worked perfectly fine.  At the time of the test there was a crash of the SE server, but the testing was a stability test, we have tweaked the configs to ensure it is as stable as it can be for a Space Engineers Dedicated Server, which I did mention at the time.

Space Engineers dedicated servers are a little buggy (last time I checked, they may have been patched).  So that does mean they crash every now and then, which is fine, but as we have to use an emulator on our server to run the Windows only server, sometimes when it crashes it can take the emulator with it, meaning it takes a bit to fully close then restart the SE server.

The Space Engineers sub-division came under the RPG-X division, which at the time was my division.  I said that I'd wait before hosting my event (mainly because it needed more planning and because right now IRL is too busy for me to attend most events).  I did also say that anyone could host events.

The SE sub-division will be moved to the Casual Gaming division, therefore if anyone wishes to host an event (like I said before), please contact a moderator to have your event added to the calendar.  The server needs to be updated but will be available later today.  If you are organising an event for the SE server, please inform me at least 24 hours before the event, so I can ensure the server is updated (or provide you with the latest version number if we're unable to update it for some reason) and have the server up for you.

I will be starting my build event on there in 3 or so weeks.  First build project is the Battlestar Galactica.

{EE} Shoot:
Yeah, I think if we don't stress the server too much, it can stay up until we stop playin' on it.

{EE} Callum Jackson:
Yup, after the last few play sessions on it I think we've configured it decently enough that it wont crash, although the most it's ever done from us stressing it is just lag, when it takes like a year to move and that's only when drilling.  Lowering the permitted floating objects fixed that, mostly.

I really would like to see us using this server more, if the survival map proves to be popular enough I'm happy to leave the server up 24/7 (or until an update gets released/7).

I haven't updated the server yet today, I'm gonna see if I can get the steamcmd version working, that way updating it will be a lot easier than me having to wait for the server files to upload all the time.


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