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{EE} Shoot:
I've been wondering why EE's Servers are located in The United States Of America (U.S) And not in UK or Europe.. As far as I know, only EE's frag server is located in the UK.

I wonder why it's like this. Is it with some funding stuff or what?

Executive Commander Shoot

{EE} Callum Jackson:
The Frag servers locale is set wrong, it's actually hosted in Germany.

Currently Defiant is in Germany, Enterprise is in Chicago (I think) US, and Voyager (TS Server) is on the East Coast US.

Enterprise (our main server with most of what we have on it) was originally chosen to be in the US as mainly US players wanted the Gmod server (the whole reason we got Enterprise), however, our host has upped their prices, meaning for us to switch it to the EU data centres we'd have to pay their new prices, so I chose to stick with it's current location at the old, cheaper, prices.  On Enterprise I average a 120ms ping which isn't too bad for the types of games we have on Enterprise.

The website is the only thing hosted in the UK.


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