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Senior Staff Meeting [09/03/2015] - DECLASSIFIED!


{EE} Callum Jackson:
Academy Department
This department has been removed as a department, the academy will remain, but will be managed by the senior staff.  The academy forums are also staying as they will be used for things such as the Officer's Exam.

Research Department
The research department has been removed as a department from Earth's Elite, the reason for this is due to myself and the senior staff not knowing what this division could be used for at present.

The Enterprise server is likely to have some free space on the 12th of this month, we will be trialling a new program during the remaining days of ENTERPRISE.  Members will be able to request a certain server go be hosted, be it MineCraft, Gmod, etc, anything that we are able to host for you, we will.  Members will be able to book the space on the server for up to 7 days at a time, they can of course re-book the space if it's still available after their previous 7 days have expired.

Recruitment Week
Another recruitment week will be held around the 11th of April.  During this week there will be a 24 hour event, along with all the usual recruitment events.  Earth's Elite senior staff are also going to be funding Ads for sites such as Facebook for this week.  Division & Department Directors, participation isn't optional in this week, ensure you divisions/departments are up to spec and events are being organised.

Senior Staff Members
There has been a slight change to the senior staff positions, again.  Based on activity and ability to perform their duties adequately, the senior staff roster has been changed.  The changes are as follows:
Fleet Commanding Officer - Admiral C. Jackson [No Change]
Fleet Executive Officer - Vice-Admiral S. Archer
Chief of Fleet Operations - Acting Rear Admiral Khta
Chief of Fleet Staff - Rear Admiral, Upper Half D. Locker

With the above changes that does mean the open Senior Staff role is now the Chief of Fleet Operations and not the Chief of Fleet Staff.

Anything not mentioned above is still deemed classified.

Any questions, please do post them below.


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