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[EEOR] ABBA Sing-A-Long [24/1/15]

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{EE} Callum Jackson:
I'll post more info here soon, the various competitions that will be going on throughout the show, other than audio and flash competitions will be posted here.

I am hoping to be able to try out a new competition, but this all depends on me being able to learn some brand new audio software, then replicate the audio of and lyrics of a song all in one day.

{EE} Callum Jackson:
Captain This...

To enter, start your reply below with 'Caption Comp.'

The funniest comment wins 20PP's.

{EE} Callum Jackson:
What's the song?

Listen throughout the broadcast for a short clip, first to call the show with the name of the song wins 1000PP's.

{EE} Callum Jackson:
=^=This Topic Will Unlock 1 Hour Before The Show=^=

{EE} Shoot:
Caption Comp

Kirk: Spock, what you doing?
Spock: Jim, I'm looking forward to see new Windows 10 update
Carol Marcus: Yeah, and when we got that , the hell is out of hands that the windows crashes.
Kirk: I know, and Spock, let's not load that..


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