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Mini Film Production Meeting


{EE} Callum Jackson:
Okay, See email about details.

When can those involved do this?

I really would like for this to be early next week and then for us to start recording the trailer end of next week start of the week after.

{EE} Scott Archer:
First off, whose computer can manage recording at 60fps in 1080? I highly doubt mine can
Also aren't there only three people signed up for this?
Another thing I would say is to put RPG-X on its own server so there's less server lag or at least shut everything else on the server down.

Monday is good for me, Tuesday definately not, Wednesday depends on time, as does Thursday and Friday.

{EE} Shoot:
I can't record..

Monday, not good, Tuesday, depends, Wednesday, maybe, Thursday, nope, Firday, should be..


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