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{EE} Callum Jackson:
Okay, so I want to start doing these on a regular basis again, once a month starting in January.

What themes would you like me to do?

First two:

Post below the themes you'd like to me to play.

{EE} Callum Jackson:

We will do Sing-A-Longs of any artist, year, theme, you name it, we'll probably do it.

{EE} Scott Archer:
Callum sings all songs special... Frozen :p

{EE} Callum Jackson:
I will do the above for money, enough money to cover my embarrassment and to purchase an auto tuner....Let's call it 1 million pounds?

{EE} Scott Archer:
I'm not sure EE's budget stretches that far! :p

On a more serious note, an Ok Go special


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