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Flight Simulator X Server Rules.


{EE} Shoot:
These are the rules of Earth's Elite Sub-Orbital FSX Server.

1. Please don't fly dangerously.

2. Pilot must follow instructions of the Air Traffic Controller. (If there is ATC)

3. ATC can't instruct the pilot go to the collision course with another Aircraft.

4. Everything must be PG-13

5. In the event, if you are new in Multiplayer, please ask questions from Division Staff. (Shoot and Callum)

Division director Shoot.

Des Locker:
What's the IP address and comm frequencies we use?

{EE} Callum Jackson:

--- Quote from: {EE} Des Locker on December 20, 2014, 06:18:32 am ---What's the IP address and comm frequencies we use?

--- End quote ---

IP address for the server changes from event to event as I normally host it myself on my computer and I don't have a static IP.  We usually use TeamSpeak when solo flying, so we don't really need to use the in game comms, but if we do use the in game comms, the frequencies will be announced at the time, usually though (if I was the run the event, then I'd do it this way) we'd use the starting towers frequencies for cruise, approach, etc, etc, and for landing and on ground the starting grounds frequency, then we'd use temp. cockpit channels on TS for in-cockpit chatter for the pilots of individual planes (so Captain and FO).

At some point I'd like to be able to purchase a Windows Server dedicated to FSX, but at present EE can't even afford to renew our current servers, until then we'll have to run this way.

{EE} Shoot:
And this has been working properly, no problems at all..


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