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[FSX] 30 Minute Race Across The Globe [7PM]


{EE} Callum Jackson:
Your Destination Must have a minimum ETA of 30 Minutes.  You must fly a 737-400, full simulation rules.  You cannot fly to the same destination as another pilot.  If you crash, you must start again from your start location, DO NOT SPAWN NEAR HOST OR YOUR DESTINATION.

Standard flight rules apply.

Get to your destination first, and you win.

{EE} Shoot:

{EE} Callum Jackson:
My Flight Plan...

Start - EGNX (East Midlands)
Destination - LFPG (Charles-De-Gaulle)
Via - LFXU (No Idea, just A Good Place To make final turn for runway)
Cruise Altitude - 12000

{EE} Shoot:
Shoot Airlines CEO:s Flight Plan:

Start: London Gatvick INTL Airport

Destination: Glasgow INTL Airport

Via: Dunno yet.

Cruise Altitude: 15000 Feet


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