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Author Topic: #EE24H April 2022  (Read 538 times)

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#EE24H April 2022
« on: March 03, 2022, 04:38:51 am »

It's almost that time of year again, Earth's Elite's 8th annual Spring 24 hour event.

To pay hommage to the April 2016 event this years event will be starting at 7PM BST on Friday 1st April and will end on Saturday 2nd at 7PM BST, as usual the event will be streamed live on our various partner channels.  You can watch the stream from the 24 hour event dashboard, which is arguably the best place to watch the stream from, this page will keep you up to date on the quotes and the event schedule as well as allow you to watch the full team, this resource is available to both members and guests to our website -

As usual we will be trying to raise the remaining amount of our annual running costs with this stream.  We require 235.19 a year to operate, back in November we managed to raise 46.66 of this total after fees.  To account for fees we will be aiming for 200 from this stream to cover the remaining amount of our annual running costs.
Cost Breakdown...
Domain: 14.39/yr (Billed Bi-Annually)
Enterprise: 48/yr
Bowie: 48/yr
Voyager: 24/yr
Discovery: 64.80/yr
Intrepid: 36/yr

With every donation of 5 or more you send you can submit an order to a member of our team. The partner (AKA streamer, host, etc) you decide to choose for your order has the option to forfeit the order, one of two things at this point will occur, another partner can rescue them and carry out the order or they have to ask the other partners to come up with an alternative order for them to carry out before the end of the stream.  If an order is inappropriate, illegal, etc then it will not be counted but you will still be charged :P

Milestones this year are completely optional for our partners and they are free to decide whether they do milestones and what they will be basing their milestones on, such as length of time streamed or amount of money raised.  Activities for each donation this year will primarily be from donation orders, which you the viewer are able to dictate, we feel this will give you more control and interaction with the stream rather than us deciding what challenge or activity we do for donations.

As always the event schedule can be found on the 24 hour events dashboard - or if you prefer the older layout in the info centre here -

*Figures for donation goals will be updated in the next 24-48 hours
**Schedule will be made available in the info centre and in the 24 hour dashboard in the coming days, in the meantime any 'access denied' messages are not errors

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