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Closed For Refurbishment
Sandbox division is closing for refurbishment, all events cancelled until re-launch on 13th September!

[BACK ONLINE] Minecraft Server Update
The Minecraft server is back online.

Minecraft Server Update
Minecraft server is going down for update to 1.12.

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Engineers In Space

So...Engineers In Space has been on hiatus for a few weeks now, but starting Saturday 10th June 2017 @ 4PM Community Time, Engineers In Space will return.

The blue team has already submitted their declaration of war, in order for war to commence the red team must accept and declare war also, at that time both teams will receive the item they must safe guard, they can do this by hiding it, or keeping it with them.  If the enemy team captures this item, they must hold it for 2 whole events to win.  The team commander (only the commander, so if you are not a commander you should protect your commander) can activate the emergency beacon, ONCE.  The enemy team must reveal the location of that teams item immediately or if jumping, after the active jump, the team commander can do this only ONCE per event.  After the emergency beacon is activated, the enemy team must remain at that location for 2 minutes, after that 2 minutes they are free to jump away.

During a fight, if someone dies they are out of the event and can no longer participate in the event as a team member but only to spectate, they can not reveal any information to any teams, if they do the person receiving the information MUST report this, or their entire team will be disqualified.

If one team kills all the other team members, they win without needing to hold the item.

After war has been declared, there is a 30 minute period of peace to allow for final battle preparations, after that, each team must remain within 500 KM of the platforms and they can shoot on sight.

Written By - {EE} Callum Jackson


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