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Virtual Airline System Suggestions
We'll be taking suggestions from members during the Community Night event on Friday 11th from 7PM Community Time.

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Virtual Airline System Suggestions

During the Community Event tomorrow (Friday 11th March 2016 @ 7PM Community Time).  I will be taking suggestions, thoughts, etc, etc for the upcoming Virtual Airline system that we are currently creating.

If possible, I'll try and have the majority of the system released with the 2.1 update on the 1st of April 2016, but I doubt I will be able to completely finish the system for the release date of 2.1.

This will be last time I'll take suggestions etc for the first version of the VA Network System, so if there's something you really want including, please either comment on this announcement, post in the suggestions thread on the forums (,728.0.html) or be sure to tell me when we discuss it during the Community Night.

After tomorrow, I'll stop taking suggestions for the first version of the system, as it will be too late for me to design/implement new features etc.

I look forward to gaming/chatting with you all on tomorrow!




Written By - {EE} Callum Jackson


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