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EE Flight Sim Server

A few hours ago I finished setting up the EE flight sim server, the software etc is still very new to me and unkown (at the time of writing this) to the FSX Division staff.  For the time being, I'll be actively running the server for the division, just so I can work out any bugs, actually learn how everything works and then train the FSX Staff.

Unless there is a glitch, crash, etc of the server, it should be up 24/7.  The server can hold 25 clients at present, but has the potential to hold about 200 (not that I expect we'll ever need to up it that high).

In order to connect, you will need FSCopilot & FSInn installed (and your flight simulator of choice, of course).  I will create a step by step guide on how to connect using those two pieces of software in a later post.

The server doesn't restrict you to a certain flight simulator, so players from FSX, FSX:SE, P3D, XPlane, etc etc can all connect to this server at once and fly together.

Voice comms don't currently work, there is a channel on our TeamSpeak server called 'UNICOM', when flying on the server, please be connected to the UNICOM channel.  Currently clients can only connect as pilots (if you know how to connect to a server like ours as ATC, please contact me), therefore, all airfields are uncontrolled, please announce positions, etc, via the UNICOM channel in TS.  I'm also unsure how pilots can share their aircrafts on this server, both joining as ATC and sharing aircrafts are at the top of my list to figure out, I will let you all know as soon as I know how.

If you are new to the community and wish to join the server, please contact me directly (callumjackson[at]earthelite[dot]co[dot]uk or via PM on the forums) to receive a user ID and password for the server.

Unless the FSX division is holding an event that requires ATC (there is a radar that can be used from that software, so you could technically have an ATC connected by having a pilot join and use that radar, you'd have to use TS to communicate still though), or shared aircrafts, this server should suffice for events, meaning the event host no longer needs to host a server for everyone to join.

One good thing with this is that the admins can now control who connects to the server, griefers etc will have their user ID's revoked.  Fly within the rules and you'll be good.  If you're a new pilot and are learning to fly still, feel free to contact us, we'd be more than happy to give a helping hand (I recommend asking Bofum, he's a pilot IRL, so he just might know how to fly a plane wink ).

Happy Flying,


Written By - {EE} Callum Jackson


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