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FPS Division's Change Of Directorship
Change on Directorship

New Director
Shoot has assumed the director position of this division.

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FPS Division's Change Of Directorship

Yesterday, around 19:00 I stood down from the position of director for the division, and handed it over to Sub-Director Tuvok, who took the director position of this division, and me taking his former position, Sub-Director, and I would like to wish Mr. Tuvok good luck on behalf of the rest of the senior staff, with Tuvok's new position.


~Rear Admiral Shoot

Community Assistant Manager

Senior Staff

Written By - {EE} Shoot


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{EE} Tuvok Wrote...

I appreciate that sentiment from you Shoot and the entire Senior Staff. I will continue to run this division with the best of my abilities. 

Ensign Tuvok

FPS Division Director

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