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All right, so there you are hovering next to Admiral Jackson's ship at Fleet Starbase and you want to send him a chat.

Took me a while to figure this out (I learn the hard way), but try right clicking on his ship (or avatar if he's floating around on an EVA) and select 'Tell'. That will send him a private note usually denoted in purple text (default). 

If his chat window is open, he should see it. If not, he'll get a 'Hail' tone to get his attention.

You can change the colors of the various chat lines by using Chat Options.

I decided to disable all the ambient chats that had nothing to do with Team, Fleet, or Tells.  I mean, do I really care if Zombat got a Hirogen Heavy cruiser or Dipwadski is upset about Crimea?

Turns out... not so much.

Now I can leave my chat window open for important stuff, like Khta reminding me it's my turn to cook. Or there's a Gorn on my Six!

Written By - {EE} Bofum

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