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Welcome To Earth's Elite.  We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay.

Division Announcements

Star Wars The Old Republic Blog
SWTOR Blog spot

STO Duty Officer Missions
Here are some hot spots for Duty assignments

STO Reputation items
Where to get those pesky items needed to purchase Reputation items!

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MMO's Division Rules





In Game:

1. (****) At all times, remember you are an Ambassador for EE so behave like one! Treat people with respect.

2. (****) Have fun!

3. (****) All EE rules apply here (both in-game and on the website)

4.  (**)Members of the STO Division should attend a minimum of 1 event per/month

5. (****) Members of EE can belong to only one Fleet- ours of course! 


1. It is the STO divisions policy to help increase the value awarded members who join our fleet. This means our staff is committed to improving our Fleet Holdings. We will post Blogs about any in game tips we learn to help those building characters.

2. As Division Director, my job is to listen to all suggestions and criticisms with an open mind: this Division belongs to it's members. 

3. It is our policy to be fair and just when dealing with any issues involving members, or members and staff. In that regard, we will work with everyone to resolve problems that arise in a manner that keeps our Fleet not only functioning, but an enjoyable space.

Upcoming Events

[ALL] Community Night [19:00], [SIM] Flight Fridays [14:00], [SBOX] To The Stars! [18:00], [SBOX] I Will Survive! [19:00]

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