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Earth's Elite has open staff positions, for more information visit the staff vacancies thread -,615.0.html

Division Announcements

Star Wars The Old Republic Blog
SWTOR Blog spot

STO Duty Officer Missions
Here are some hot spots for Duty assignments

STO Reputation items
Where to get those pesky items needed to purchase Reputation items!

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Massively Multiplayer Online Blog

STO Holdings: Starbase


Currently Available:

Mail service (but who really cares about that?!)

Officer Commendation reports: you earn 75+Fleet Marks and must have reached the 110K limit on duty officer assignment categories to file them

Invite anyone to visit (instant transport+return, no transwarp cooldown)

(In Ops lvl)

*Buy ground weapons, armor and shields

*buy common fleet duty officers and fleet tactical officers

(Eng. lvl)

*ship repairs

*build prototypes from plans

*assemble batteries

*special+reg duty officer assignments

(sci. lvl)

*medical+science assignments

*treat injuries

*create shield charges

(tac. lvl)

*ship selector

*purchase ships (inc. fleet ships)

*military assignments


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