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Division Changes

As I'm sure all the RPG-X members know by now, Ex-Director Picard has been removed from the directors position within the RPG-X division, the decision was made a week or so ago, that I (ADM. Jackson) should resume that role as I had previously held it for the first 10 or so months of EE's existence.

As with any new director, I have changes that I want to make and bring new ideas to the division that may or may not (only time will tell) help this division succeed.

RPG-X Happy Hours have, at this time, been discontinued, this is to allow the RPG-X division time to focus on the new and exciting things we plan to bring to you all over the coming weeks.  The first new project that we are working on and one that I myself am really excited about implementing and using, is the use of the EE's TeamSpeak 3 server for more than just OOC chat.  I plan to setup channels and ways to have players move about the server easily during RP's, so that using the TS3 server during an RP is a viable option for communication.  This, I feel, will add a whole new sense or realism and immersion to the game whilst we are RPing, no more will members have to type commands such as "/me shouts at the XO" then type out whatever it is you want to say, before repeating that command to state that you're returning to your normal voice, but instead, you'll just shout at the XO via TS3.  A system is being implemented as you read this to enable COMM communications and ship wide COMMs, without ever having to tab out of your game to drag everyone in the RP into the same channel as you on TS only to have to move them back.  You'll hit a simple hotkey on your keyboard/mouse and say what you have to say.  Not only will using VoIP add a higher sense of realism and immersion, but it will also help those who maybe type slower or simply have a hard time writing the english language (Guilty as charged there, the amount of times I've facepalmed at things I've said during an RP) and should help keep the RP's moving along at a faster pace.  Of course, we know not everyone wants to or can use TS3 during the RP's, therefore, text chat will also be left open and usual rules for the text chat will apply, though connecting to the TS3 server during a VoIP RP will be required, otherwise you wont be able to hear what's going on.

RPG-X is also creating a new weekly event, held every Thursday Night @ 8PM Fleet Time, this event will alternate from week to week, one week it will be a Frag Night over on our Holomatch Server, the next week it will be an RP Night.  The RP Night will be a random RP each week, anyone and everyone is eligible to direct the RP.

A division revamp is underway, I'm currently going through the server, looking at maps, the MOTD etc etc and will be updating accordingly, if there is anything you'd like adding to the server, now is the time to ask, email me on or PM me via the forums.  I'm also going through the rules for this division and new rules will be posted up over the next day or so.  Please note, unlike other staff members of EE, I take rule breaking very seriously, any of the new rules that aren't followed, will result in me going straight to the disciplinary procedure, as once posted, you will all be notified of them and will have excuse to be breaking them.  If you are to disagree with any rules of the division, you should contact us BEFORE participating in any RPG-X event from the date of the rules being published.

There are a few other things that we have are planning for this division, but I'm not going to reveal those in this blog post, as we're still working out the details.

Any questions or comments, post 'em below.

Written By - {EE} Callum Jackson


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