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Role-Play Blog

SRP - The Prequel | Season Finale

This coming Thursday (30/10/2014) my SRP - The Prequel, will play out Episode 10 of 10 for season one.

It's no secret that during this episode the crew of the Poseidon, who have been forced to take residence on the USS Galaxy for the last few weeks, will be returning home to the refitted Poseidon.

The episode will be based primarily around something so restricted, even Commodore Jackson has to fight to know what's on his own ship.

The biggest question amoungst 'The Prequel' crew is, 'Will There Be Another Season?'.

Well, I'll you guys discuss that below.


I hope to see some of you this Thursday.

Written By - {EE} Callum Jackson


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{EE} Callum Jackson Wrote...

SRP has been moved to this Saturday (1st November 2014) @ 9PM Fleet Time, as some of our participants couldn't make it.

{EE} Shoot Wrote...

That would be good if there's another season.

{EE} Callum Jackson Wrote...

In the SRP, we got right up to the point where we'll be returning to the Poseidon.

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