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Star Trek: Majesty - Pilot/Teaser
A potential new SRP, pilot day/time suggestions being taken until Friday 4th @ 6PM

Star Trek: New Grounds
NEW Joint SRP With TLO.

Star Trek: Echoes - Hiatus
Echoes is being placed on mandatory hiatus, RP staff to decide fate.

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Star Trek: Majesty - Pilot/Teaser

I don't know why I haven't thought about doing this sooner, over at SSRF I run a SIMM called the USS Majesty, so why not port it over and run similar missions, but in RPG-X.

I think it's probably worth running a pilot/teaser before setting this up fully.  The episode will follow the story set out in the Majesty's very first mission, which would put us in a great place for the first season if we go ahead with this as a fully fledged SRP.

From the poll the RP department ran a couple of weeks ago, it determined that we should be seeing roughly 6 people joining us for this.  So hopefully we can arrange a time/day that works for us all.

I would like to run this next week, so I will leave the day/time discussion open until 6PM Friday.

I'm going to suggest a Wednesday at 10PM Community Time for the pilot and then the subsequent episodes.

Post in the topic your suggestions for a day/time or if you can make the above day/time -,918.msg3090.html#new

Written By - {EE} Callum Jackson


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