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Star Trek: Echoes
A long forgotten SRP, should it get a second chance?

Star Trek: Temporal Leap - Season One
NEW SRP!!! Co-Written by Callum & Scott, Temporal Leap will follow Captain Savage, TIA, and the crew of the USS Ariana.

Weekly Improv Night
Improv RP's are much like improv comedy. Once something is said it's said, there is not plot, we make it up as we go!

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Role-Play Blog

Star Trek: Temporal Leap - Season One

Star Trek: Temporal Leap is based in the Earth's Elite timeline of Star Trek (2430's).

Starfleet has been making moves towards temporal technology for the past few years, they've had a bit of help from the not so distant future.  The Ariana class of starships is set to be Starfleets first line of Temporal ships.

Echo Fleet Commander Fleet Admiral Jackson is a project advisor, with his extensive knowledge of temporal incidents, he's been working closely with Starfleet command.

Captain Savage, a 5 year starfleet Captain that's never commanded a ship, is finally given his first command.

During Ariana's maiden voyage to pick up their mission advisor, the XO breaks the standing orders from Starfleet, he activates TIA.  With an ion storm in bound, the sensor grid showing ghosts, long range sensors down, and communications spotty, Savage faces his first command decision within hours of setting off.

Will you join Savage and crew on their mission to do the impossible?


Written By - {EE} Callum Jackson


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