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Star Trek: Echoes
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Weekly Improv Night

First event that I am introducing to the RP division as a weekly recurring event is the 'Improv! Improv! Improv!' event.

This event heavily focuses on improvisation, we'll enter into an RP with no plot, nothing pre-arranged.  The CO will be elected on the night from those who wish to be CO, however, being CO does not mean you are necassarily the director of the RP.  As CO you do get a few special powers, you are the only one who can critically damage your ship or station, or do anything that would end the RP suddenly, or something that is a drastic change.

Division staff get a few special powers also, just to spice it up a bit, if we shout "OOC: CHANGE!", the story must change immediately, you cannot continue the old story.

There is no plot jacking during this event, the only actions that will be vetoed are those that are reserved for admins or the CO, unless you're an admin or the CO of course.

Everyone gets to shape the story, once you've said something, it's lore, it cannot be undone.  Battling a ship, you're chief tactical officer, fire a shot and say the ship has been destroyed, then the ship has been destroyed, regardless of what anyone else was about to say, once it's submitted it's lore and everyone must react accordingly.

I think this will be a great event for the RP division, and you never know, a few SRP's may be born from ideas we create here.

Any questions, you can of course comment below and I'll try to answer them all.


Written By - {EE} Callum Jackson


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